App, app 
and away!

Banking on the go just got a whole lot quicker, easier and smarter with the all new BankVic App.

Now available for download on Apple iOS and Android devices, the new app includes lots of new and exciting features we just know you’ll love.

Important message for Windows phone users

Unfortunately mobile phones running a Windows operating system will not be able to download the new BankVic App. We recommend Windows phone users go to to access mobile web banking.


You’ll need your Internet Banking
login details to access the app.


Getting the new app on your phone is as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Go to your app store and search for 'BankVic'

2. Click on 'Update' or 'Download' if this is your first time downloading the app

3. Register with your Internet Banking login details, and off you go!

Or call us on 13 63 73 and we’ll help you get set up.

What’s new?


Log in quickly with the choice of 4 – 9 digit PIN and pattern login.


Self-manage your cards on the spot. Activate a new card, change your pin, or if you’ve misplaced your card, place a temporary lock on it until you find it or order a replacement.


Easy to navigate screens make everyday banking more intuitive. Check your account balance, manage transfers and payments, and pay bills with just a few taps.


Not sure how much you’ve been spending? ‘Quick balance’ will let you view the balance of your nominated account from the home screen without the need to log in.


Thinking about taking out a loan and unsure of what your repayments might be? Access a number of useful tools and calculators directly via the app.


Interested in getting a credit card or taking out a car loan? View our range of products, services or interest rates and apply on the spot.


Just click on the questions below for answers to our most frequently asked questions!
For our full list of our FAQs, please click here.

  • What mobile phone devices does the BankVic App work on?

    The BankVic App will work on iOS devices (iOS 8 and above) and Android devices (Android 4.2 and above). Please note the app cannot be used on Android tablets.

    Mobile phones using a Windows operating system will not be able to use the new BankVic App. We recommend Windows phone users access mobile banking via

  • How do i start using the BankVic App?

    Once you’ve download the app, you’ll be asked to do the following:

    • Accept our Terms & Conditions

    • Verify yourself using your Member Number and Internet Banking password

    • Set up a simple login. This will either be a 4-9 digit PIN or pattern login

  • I’ve just had my internet banking password reset but i still can’t access the app. What should i do?

    Just like when you first registered for Internet Banking, you will need to log into Internet Banking or Mobile Banking to change the password you’ve been given. Once you’ve done that, you will be able to register your device on the app and start using it again.

  • How do i log out of the BankVic App?

    To log out immediately, simply tap the padlock icon in the top right corner of the home screen. If the app is inactive for 5 minutes, you will be logged out automatically and will need to log in again to start a new session.

  • Can multiple users login using the BankVic App on my phone?

    Unfortunately not. The app on your phone is registered to your Internet Banking credentials. You can however de-register your device at any time by going into your app settings and selecting ‘Manage devices’. Follow the prompts to remove your device. You will then be able to register a new user using their Internet Banking credentials.

  • What is quick balance and how do i set it up?

    Quick Balance allows you to see the balance of your nominated account on the home screen without the need to log in. To set up ‘Quick Balance’, you’ll need to log in securely into your member account and go to your app settings. Select ‘Set Quick Balance’ from your list of options and nominate the account you wish to display the Quick Balance for.

    To view your Quick Balance, double tap the ‘Account Balance’ tile on the home screen. The balance of your nominated account will appear on the screen for 8 seconds.

  • How do i set a savings goal?

    Easily track your savings progress by setting a Savings Goal. Tap on ‘Savings Goal’ from the home screen and follow the prompts. You will be asked to add a photo of your savings goal. You can choose to take a photo or use an existing photo from your device’s gallery. As you get closer to your goal, more of your selected photo will be revealed in colour.

    Note: You may notice that if you select a photo taken in landscape, it doesn’t fill the entire frame. To use the photo you’ve selected, you will need to enlarge the image by pinching and dragging it outwards with your fingers.

  • Where can i find my bsb and 9-digit account number?

    For external debits and credits you will be asked to quote your BSB and 9-digit account number. You can find this information by logging into your member account, and tapping on the ‘i’ in the top right corner to see your BSB and account number. Alternatively, you can go to Additional Services > Account BSB Details.

  • What transactions will be restricted if i lock my card?

    All Point of Sale and Visa transactions will be restricted. This includes any ATM and EFTPOS transactions, as well as any online payments linked to that particular card number. Additionally, any pre-arranged direct debits linked to that card will be restricted. Please give us a call on 13 63 73 if you are unsure of what payments could be affected.

  • What should i do if i place a temporary lock on my card and then i can’t find it?

    If your card has left your possession and you are unable to find it, you should report your card as lost or stolen via the Card Management options within the app.

  • The App is crashing and I’m on iOS 8

    You may need to upgrade your operating system.

  • I can’t remember my member number when I first register.
    What do i do?

    You will need to locate the following two items when you register for the App.

    1) Member number -  located at the top of your statement
    2) Internet banking password -  this is the one you use to confirm payments (not your 4 digit quick pin)

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