Kate's story

Kate was indignant at the suggestion that life goes downhill after 40. Little did she know, she was about to face an uphill battle.

When Kate went for a routine medical check up just after turning 40, she was not particularly convinced when the doctor suggested that she had reached the age where she should have a mammogram. She ignored the referral, leaving it on her desk at work for weeks. The day she finally turned up for an appointment with her coffee-stained referral, was the day she was told she had breast cancer.

After her radical surgery, Kate endured chemotherapy and she described the side effects of chemo as being brutal. Her bones and muscles hurt so much that she thought she had been run over by a road train. Following her chemotherapy session, she then had to visit the hospital five days a week for radiotherapy treatment. Kate openly says that it would have been extremely difficult to work through this physically and emotionally draining journey. Fortunately, Kate’s income protection insurance allowed her to pay her bills (including her mortgage and regular expenses) while she fought to regain her life. Kate is now in remission. Having the right type and level of cover in place can make a huge difference to you and your loved ones if you need to make a claim1.

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