About wealth management

Over the years, you'll move through various life stages which may include your first job, marriage, children, redundancy, receiving an inheritance, retirement and health issues.

Along the way, you'll want some of life's finer things, such as a new car, a boat or overseas holidays. You'll also want to have protection in place for your possessions, your lifestyle and yourself as you head towards a comfortable retirement. That's when planning ahead would make a significant difference.

Wealth management is about much more than building assets. It's about navigating your way through life, setting and realising your personal goals, budgeting and investing to ensure a secure future.

Unlike other large financial institutions, all of BankVic's profits are re-invested back into our business so we can offer our members low or no-fee banking, quality products and services, and competitive interest rates. Our financial planners are salaried employees who aren't offered any additional remuneration on product sales, so you're assured of genuine professional advice. From police officers to nurses, we've helped Australians from various walks of life improve their financial well-being, so you can rely on us for personalised and transparent advice.

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