Travelling overseas

For security and peace-of-mind, please read our guidelines and tips.

It's advisable for you to complete our Overseas travel notification online form with details of your travel plans. This assists us when monitoring accounts for potentially fraudulent transactions and we can determine for security reasons, whether or not to restrict your card. We can sometimes also provide tips specific to your destination, such as the use of ATMs in Bali.

What else should I consider before I leave?

Update contact details and let us know your itinerary

Ensure your contact details are up-to-date, or add another member to your account who will be contactable while you are away. You can use our Overseas travel notification online form or call us on 13 63 73 option 3 (8am-7pm, Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm, Saturday) to provide the following information:

  • what country/countries you'll be visiting and when
  • your contact details while you are away
  • if you are intending to use your Visa card or make any large external or BPAY® transfers whilst overseas.

Check your card expiry date

Check that the expiry date on your card does not expire during the time you're overseas. If it's due to expire, you can contact us to order a new card before you leave. Please ensure you allow at least 10 working days prior to departure if you require a new card and PIN.

Online security

Accessing internet banking at places such as internet cafes, airports or other public places overseas can be risky. Make sure nobody is watching as you log in to internet banking, and always clear the computer's history before you shutdown. Read more about online security.

Using your BankVic Visa card overseas

Some overseas ATMs (eg: in Bali) provide your cash first, and then request you to answer NO to another transaction before returning your card, so remember to take your money and card from the ATM after completing your transaction.

Please note there are fees associated with using your BankVic Visa card overseas, for example, currency conversion fee, etc. Refer to Fees & Charges (PDF) for details.   

Do you need foreign currency drafts or to transfer funds overseas ?

You may need foreign currency drafts or to transfer funds to an overseas bank account before you go overseas. Through our agency agreement with American Express BankVic can offer you the following foreign exchange services:

  • Telegraphic transfers
    A telegraphic transfer allows you to transfer funds to an overseas bank account. Account holders and authorised signatories can organise to have a telegraphic transfer sent overseas through American Express. 
    Find out more about American Express telegraphic transfers.

  • Foreign currency drafts
    Also known as foreign currency cheques, drafts are simply bank cheques (drawn on a foreign bank) made to a recipient who can deposit the cheque directly into their own account. They're issued in 16 major currencies and are an ideal secure payment method when you have small amounts to pay or if you don't know the banking details of the person or beneficiary you need to send the money to.
    Find out more about American Express drafts.
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