Automated telephone banking

Our automated telephone banking service allows you to carry out transactions on your accounts by telephone. This facility is available round-the-clock and has no transaction costs.


Automated telephone banking enables you to:

  • transfer funds between Everyday, Investment, Little Copper Club, Christmas Club, SMSF Saver and any other selected BankVic accounts, including transfers to loan accounts1
  • transfer funds to an external bank account2 you have registered with us3
  • check your account balances
  • listen to a list of your last ten transactions
  • order a deposit book
  • activate your newly issued BankVic Visa debit or credit card
  • make BPAY® payments
  • check interest earned on your accounts for the current and previous year.

1 Transfers between BankVic accounts during business hours are updated the same day. Transactions out of hours, on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, will not be updated until the next business day. Where there's more than one signature required to complete a transaction or instruction, access is not available.

2 There's a $5,000 transaction daily limit to external transfers â contact us if you want to change the limit.

3 To register an external bank account to be linked to your automated telephone banking, you'll need to call 13 63 73 or visit a branch and provide us with the BSB, account number and account name of the external account you wish to register. Note: you can set up a maximum of 9 external bank accounts in automated telephone banking. This limit does not apply in your internet banking profile. Transfers to external financial institutions can take between 1 and 2 business days.

How to use

Call 13 63 73

Press 1 for automated telephone banking and card activation

Enter your member number followed by the ˜#€™ button. Enter your access code followed by the ˜# button and hear your account balance.


1 Transfer funds between selected accounts

1 transfer funds between your own accounts
2 transfer funds to another member's account
3 transfer funds to external accounts (maximum: 9)
4 redraw advance mortgage repayments

2 Last 10 account transactions

3 For BPAY®

4 Savings account and credit card balances

5 Loan and investment account balances

6 Visa card activation

8 Other automated telephone banking services

1 access another membership
3 order deposit book
4 interest earned on accounts
5 change your access code
0 return to main menu

9 Speak to a Service & Sales consultant

0 Hear these options again

When you have finished, just hang up.


It’s important that you keep your access code confidential and not disclose it to anyone – it’s your best protection against an unauthorised transaction occurring on your account and the possibility of being liable for all or part of any resulting financial loss. You should contact us immediately if you believe that your access code may have been lost, stolen or misused, or if you suspect that unauthorised transactions have occurred on your account. The earlier you advise us, the more easily we’ll be able to protect you from further loss. Members who unreasonably delay in telling us may have to pay for some of the loss.

It is also important to be mindful that some phones have a memory ‘redial’ so where possible we recommend NOT USING such phones in hotels and other accommodation, to conduct your phone banking transactions.

Your telephone banking terms and conditions include our obligations for unauthorised transactions and the ePayments Code explains this further.

BSB: 704 230

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