BPAY® is fast, convenient and easy to use, enabling you to make payments to over 22,000 organisations.

BPAY Benefits

BPAY logoWe are a member of the BPAY Scheme, an electronic payments scheme through which you can request us to make payments on your behalf to organisations, or billers.

The BPAY bill paying service provides you with an alternative when paying your bills via automated telephone banking, internet banking or mobile banking.

Important advice on BPAY Security

Because the BPAY facility is accessible online via online banking, you need to be aware of the inherent potential risks associated with any online or phone service. No one (including us) is able to offer a 100% guarantee that data transmitted over the internet is absolutely secure. We advise all online banking users to employ their own anti-virus and security measures to further help protect themselves against any unauthorised access to their transactions. It is also most important that you keep your online banking password confidential and remain watchful for any unauthorised transactions occurring on your account. This will help you to report the loss, theft or misuse of your password to us in a timely manner, and lessen the likelihood of being liable for all or part of any financial loss suffered.

With regard to our automated telephone banking facility, you need to be equally careful in ensuring your access code remains known only to you for all the same reasons listed above.

It is also important to be mindful that some phones have a memory redial. Where possible we recommend NOT USING such phones in hotels and other accommodation, to conduct your phone banking transactions. 

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You can start using BPAY as soon as you have registered for online banking or automated telephone banking.

Here is how you use BPAY.

  1. Look for the distinctive BPAY® logo on each bill you receive.
  2. Call 13 63 73 or log in to internet or mobile banking.
  3. Go to Payments > BPAY and enter the details of the biller you wish to pay.
  4. Enter the Reference and Amount and then select Pay now or Pay later.
  5. Select Next and confirm your BPAY Payment by entering your Password.
  6. A BPAY payment receipt will then be displayed with the receipt number.

Here are some useful tips when using BPAY.

  • Remember to have your bills ready before calling automated telephone banking or logging in to online banking, as you will need to enter the BPAY biller code and your customer reference number (located near the BPAY logo on your bills).
  • On completing each transaction, you will receive a receipt number to record on the bill you have paid. The receipt number will also be displayed on your account transaction list for future reference.
BSB: 704 230

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