Transaction FAQ

Why do I have a member number and an account number - what is the difference?

You will need to use your 9-digit account number when dealing with external financial institutions (eg: for payroll credits, direct debits and credits to your BankVic accounts).

Your member number is used only when transacting on your accounts within BankVic, eg: logging into internet/mobile banking, when speaking with our Service & Sales consultants

Is there a daily ATM withdrawal limit?

Yes. The daily withdrawal limit on your BankVic Visa debit card is $1,000. These include all ATM and eftpos transactions where you are using the ‘Savings’ option on your account. If you would like to withdraw more than the $1,000 daily limit, please visit one of our branches and one of our tellers will be able to assist you. Alternatively you can do a Cash Advance using your Visa debit card at any major bank (please note: transactions in excess of the four free transactions per month will incur a $4 fee.)

I bought petrol yesterday and pressed the credit button using my Visa debit card, but there's no transaction or authorisation listed.

The retailer'€™s system may not have been online when your transaction was processed. This means that your transaction will be processed at a later time. So you will need to ensure that there are sufficient funds in your account to cover the cost of this transaction.

I was expecting a credit to my account, but it hasn't arrived.

Generally, external transactions take 24 to 48 business hours from the time they are initiated. Times can vary due to different cut-off times and processing periods at and between financial institutions.

What should I do if I see a direct debit on my account that I don'™t recall making?

Select the magnifying glass next to the transaction in internet banking, which will provide you with additional information. If the transaction is a direct debit, it would be as a result of providing your BSB, account number and authorisation to a biller. Sometimes the name the biller shows is a company name and not the trading name you recognise. You can contact the biller regarding all payment matters, including cancellation of the debit or alternately, contact us on 13 63 73. If the transaction is listed as a Retail Sale, it would be a result of providing your Visa card number to a merchant for a product or service.

If you're still unsure of what the debit is for, contact us immediately.

Why hasn't the cash portion cleared after I've made a cheque and cash deposit at Westpac?

This happens when you fill out one deposit slip for both the cheque and cash. To ensure your cash deposit is cleared immediately, we recommend you deposit your cash as a separate deposit. 

How do I check my account balance?

You can view both your current and available balance on the ‘Welcome’ screen of internet banking. Rapid Response will also give you your current balance and available balance.

When are the funds for the cheque I deposited going to clear?

Cheque clearance exists on all cheques, with the exception of Reserve Bank of Australia, Australian Taxation Office cheques under $3,000 or pay cheques (by arrangement with your employer and us). Other types of cheques have a range of different clearance times. The standard being three business days.  Our General Information, Terms and Conditions booklet (PDF) explains our cheque clearance times.

Why am I being charged a transaction fee on the last business day of the month?

This charge is likely to be for exceeding our limit for certain types of transactions on your transaction account. Check the last page of your statement for a breakdown of your transactions and the respective charges.

What's an ATM operator fee?

Each time you use an ATM, the operator of that ATM can charge you for using it. This charge is in addition to the amount you are withdrawing and is known as direct charging.

BSB: 704 230

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