Personal cheques

Our personal cheque service allows you to issue personal cheques as an alternative to using cash when paying accounts. Enjoy the ease and convenience of writing your own cheques with a personal cheque book linked to your nominated savings account.


You can enjoy the following benefits with our personal cheque service: 
  • earn interest on your savings.


Important advice on cheque book security

To minimise the possibility of theft or unauthorised use, always keep your cheque book in a safe and secure place. To guard against fraudulent alteration, exercise care when drawing cheques. Only write cheques that you know you can fully cover from funds available in your account€“. Remember also that when you have a cheque facility, you're responsible for all the authorised signatories.

Tips for writing your own cheques

When writing cheques you should take care to:

  • cross the cheque and write the words €˜Not negotiable (this will reduce the risk of fraud) 
  • write the amount to be paid by words and figures and don't leave any space between the words or figures
  • write the amount in words as close to the left hand margin of the cheque as possible and the amount in figures as close to the dollar sign as possible
  • write cheques in ink which cannot be rubbed out or altered
  • tell us as soon as you know or suspect that one or more of your cheque forms has been lost or stolen, or if unauthorised use has occurred 
  • ensure that you have enough money in your account to cover the cheques you have written. If you have insufficient funds, we may  choose which cheques will be dishonoured and which will be paid and the order in which they will be paid.


How do I apply for a cheque book?

A cheque book linked to an Everyday, Deeming account or our WealthBuilders$ products can be issued to approved applicants (personal customers only). Account holders will need to submit a Cheque book application form (PDF) and if approved, a cheque book will be issued for their use ($10 cheque book fee applies).

How do I order replacement cheques?

Your cheque book will be re-ordered automatically when one of your last five cheques is presented. For more information, contact us.

How do I stop payment on a cheque?

At any time before a cheque that you have issued is presented , you can request us not to pay the cheque (i.e. stop the cheque). Please note that you will be charged a fee for this service.

Once a cheque has been stopped, it cannot be reactivated.

To stop payment on a cheque, you can either:

  • call Service & Sales with sufficient information to identify the cheque (we may insist on written confirmation), or
  • write to us with sufficient information to identify the cheque.

You must of course do this before we've paid the cheque.

For more information, please read Things you should know about your Cheque Facility (PDF).

BSB: 704 230

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