Direct credits and debits

If you need to pay regular bills, consider direct debits so you won't have to worry every time a bill is due.

You can also direct funds from your salary, pension, share dividends or regular payments from other banks to your BankVic account by setting up direct credits. 

Direct debits

Pay your regular bills (i.e. gas, electricity, rates or phone) through a direct debit and allocate portions of your payroll deposit to different accounts. Our service enables you, after making arrangements directly with your supplier, to pay your bills automatically from your nominated at-call account.

All you have to do is arrange the direct debit with the supplier and all your direct debits will be drawn from your account on the due date, with all your payments automatically recorded on your account statement.

Important advice on direct debiting

An automatic direct debit can only be deducted from an at-call account, so make sure the nine-digit number you provide is for your preferred account, eg Everyday.

  • BSB: 704 230
  • Your account number
  • Your account name.

Most organisations that provide services such as gas, electricity, rates or phone are usually more than happy to accept direct debit arrangements.

To commence using this convenient bill payment service from your account, you (or your authorised signatory) simply need to complete and return a direct debit authority form from the biller organisation to be paid .

Make sure you have the available funds in your account on the due date.  In the event you have an enquiry or dispute regarding a direct debit transaction, we can advise you if the transaction was processed or dishonoured however you should contact the biller organisation that's holding your direct debit authority with other queries.

How to cancel a direct debit

To cancel a direct debit authority or stop an individual direct debit transaction, you should contact either the  biller organisation or  us or both.

It is up to the biller organisation to stop drawing on your account, however we can sometimes take steps to ensure this happens.  Please contact us and let us know if you are cancelling a direct debit.

Useful tips

  • Always remember to keep a check on your nominated direct at-call account to ensure there are sufficient available funds to cover your direct debit payments on their date, it's your best protection against having to pay fees associated with dishonoured payments.

Direct credits

You can direct credits from your salary, pension, share dividends or regular payments from other banks to your account.
When organising a direct credit to an account, you'll need to provide your supplier with the following information:

  • BSB: 704 230
  • Your account number
  • Your account name.

Important advice on direct crediting

If you wish to allocate portions of your payroll deposit to different accounts, you'll need to contact us.

If you wish to make changes to an existing payroll deduction, you will need to do this with your employer. For reasons of security and confidentiality, only the person whose salary is being paid into the account is authorised to make alterations to the allocation or to be provided with details of the salary. No other signatory to the account will be able to obtain this information.

BSB: 704 230

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