BPAY View® provides an environmentally friendly alternative to paper bills as it allows you to read and pay your bills online via online banking.

  • Easy access. You can look after your bills 24/7 wherever you are by logging in to online banking.
  • Get organised. A summary of your bills and their due dates is available in one place.
  • Choose how you pay. You can still use BPAY even if you are receiving your bills via BPAY View, and choose to pay from your bank account, credit card or any other method your biller allows.
  • Pay on time. Make instant payments with BPAY or schedule payments for a later date.

Here is how BPAY View bills notification works:

  • Your normal billing cycle will continue once you have registered with BPAY View.
  • You can expect to receive your BPAY View bills at approximately the same time as you currently receive your paper bills.
  • You will be informed, or given a choice on how you will be notified of your new BPAY View bill.
  • Generally, you will receive either an email sent to your nominated email address or an online message when you log in to internet banking, notifying you of the arrival of new BPAY View bills.
BSB: 704 230

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