Mobile banking

With mobile banking, you can do your banking 24/7 wherever you are, whenever you want.


Mobile banking allows you to:

  • check your account balances
  • view transaction history
  • view, edit or delete future payments
  • modify or delete your existing personal payees and BPAY® billers
  • view interest information
  • view or update your contact details
  • transfer funds between your accounts
  • pay bills via BPAY®
  • redraw available funds on your home loan
  • transfer funds to internal payees and third parties.


Mobile banking offers many of the same features as internet banking so you can feel confident when using mobile banking that your personal information is being protected. You should follow similar security precautions as you do with a personal computer.

The following tips have been designed as a guide to keep your mobile device secure.

  • When you're not using your mobile device, ensure it is locked so no one else can use it or view your private information.
  • Never disclose personal information including your PIN, account number or password. Users who don't protect their personal information and accounts may be liable for the costs of any fraudulent activity resulting from their actions.
  • If you lose your mobile device, contact your mobile phone service provider immediately. To disable mobile banking simply log in to internet banking and select mobile banking from the options menu and select 'Disable mobile access'. Contact us to re-establish your access.
  • If you change your mobile number, contact us to update your details.
  • To ensure the safety of your personal and account information, mobile applications should only be downloaded from reputable sources.
  • Install security software for your mobile device.

For more information about how to stay safe online, see Security and fraud protection.


What is mobile banking?

Mobile banking is online banking for your mobile device. Mobile banking makes banking even easier and more convenient.

Who can use mobile banking?

If you have a web-enabled mobile device or smart phone such as an iPhone, Android or Blackberry and have registered for internet banking, you should be able to access mobile banking.

Mobile banking is also available on your iPad, Android and Windows 7 phones. This is in addition to our existing iPhone and Blackberry banking sites.

How do I access mobile banking?

Go to on your mobile web browser. Your username and password will be exactly the same as your existing internet banking login. For ongoing easy access, we recommend saving the link for the 'mobile banking' landing page to 'bookmarks'

Do I need to register for mobile banking?

If you're already registered for our online banking through our internet banking site, you can access mobile banking by going to our website.

If you're not registered for online banking, find out more about internet banking and register today.

What accounts can I access with mobile banking?

You can access the same accounts as you do in internet banking.

What services aren't available via mobile banking?

  • eStatements
  • webloans
  • card activation
  • BPAY View.

Can I use mobile banking while I am overseas?

Yes, as long as you have activated international roaming on your mobile device. It’s important to be aware that additional charges may apply when using mobile banking whilst overseas. Please contact your mobile service provider for details of associated fees and charges.

Will mobile banking look the same on all mobile phones?

Just as there are many different mobile devices, there are many different mobile phones. There may be slight variations between handsets, however, all the features remain the same.

What type of browser should I use?

It’s preferable to use the standard browser on your mobile device as not all mobile device browsers are supported, e.g.: the Opera browser isn’t supported on the iPhone or Blackberry.

How to do I get mobile banking to display better on my Blackberry Bold Mobile Phone?

Blackberry Bold users may find mobile banking displays better when using ‘Column view’. The default setting in Blackberry Bold is usually ‘Page view’.

How do I change the browser settings to ‘Column view’?

  1. Open the Web Browser.
  2. Select menu button (button with blackberry logo) and choose ‘Options’.
  3. Select ‘General Properties’ from the menu selection.
  4. Scroll down to ‘Default View’
  5. Change Default View property default setting ‘Page View’ to ‘Column View’.
  6. Save the changes.

Can I use mobile banking on more than one device?

Yes. Internet banking users can access mobile banking from any device that can access the internet with an SSL capable "cookie-enabled" browser. Remember not to store sensitive information on any mobile device. You should particularly avoid storing internet banking information, bank balance, card number, passwords and PINs.

Can I make transfers with mobile banking?

Yes. If you want to transfer money to an internal payee or external account, select ‘Transfer’ on the main menu.

Important : When making transfers please check the account details you have entered – the account name cannot be verified by us prior to sending your funds. Incorrect information may result in funds being credited to the account of an unintended recipient if the BSB number and/or identifier do not belong to the named recipient, and loss of funds should they not reach the intended recipient. It may not be possible to recover your funds from an unintended recipient.

If you do make an error, please let us know and we will action a Mistaken Internet Payment request where we will contact the unintended recipient’s banker and request the payment be returned. Your online banking terms and conditions includes our obligations for these reports and the ePayments Code explains further.

Can I pay a bill on my mobile device?

Yes. Paying a bill is easy with mobile banking – simply select the BPAY option on your mobile device. Please note that not all features of BPAY are currently available with mobile banking.

It is taking me a long time to log on,“ is this normal?

Connection speed may vary due to:

  • geographical location
  • mobile phone or internet service provider, or
  • mobile network congestion.

Do I have to pay anything for mobile banking?

Standard mobile phone and internet service provider data access charge may apply. For further information regarding data access charges, please contact your mobile service provider.

For fees and charges related to PayAnyone – Mobile Email, please refer to the PayAnyone – Mobile Email FAQ or our Fees & charges (PDF).

Is mobile banking secure?

Mobile banking offers many of the same features as internet banking, which includes protection via our VeriSign SSL certificate so you can feel confident when using mobile banking that your personal information is being protected by BankVic.  However, it is also up to you and you should follow similar security precautions as you do with a personal computer.

What if I lose my device or it is stolen?

Contact your mobile service provider immediately to notify them of the loss.

Mobile banking can be disabled through internet banking as follows:

  1. Log in to internet banking.
  2. Go to Account Options > Stop Mobile Banking.
  3. Click on Disable Mobile Banking.
Please note: once disabled, you’ll need to contact us to re-establish access.

Why was I logged out when I answered a phone call whilst using mobile banking?

To maximise your security, only one application can be used at one time. Your session may time out while you are taking a phone call.

Fees & charges

We do not charge a fee for mobile banking. However, mobile internet and phone provider data access charges may apply. For further information regarding data access charges, please contact your mobile service provider. 

BSB: 704 230

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