Benefits and features

You can bank with us using your internet service. While our internet banking service is free, you should check with your internet service provider for any possible charges.


List of Accounts

  • View all balances in your savings, term deposits and loan accounts. 
  • Download your transaction information into personal financial managers (for example, Moneys (OFC), Quicken/MYOB (QIF), Comma Separated Values (CSV), Open Financial Exchange (OFX)).

Open savings and term deposit accounts

  • Open a Christmas Club, easyinvest or Bonus Saver account.
  • Open a term deposit account.


  • Access statements of your savings, term deposit and loan transactions over the last 18 months electronically.



  • Pay all your bills that display the BPAY logo. 
  • Allows you to pay as many bills as you like 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Pay and view bills 

  • Set up BPAYView® 
  • Display all current bills that require payment. 
  • Notifications sent your when bills are placed in BPAYView.


  • For variable rate home loan accounts, you can redraw any repayments you have made that are in excess of the contractual repayments (AUD$50 minimum).

Funds transfer 

  • Transfer funds between your own accounts or to accounts held by other members.
  • Transfer funds to external bank accounts (daily transfer limit AUD$5,000 contact us to change this).

Future (regular or one off) payments 

  • Create, alter or cancel regular or future payments on your account.  You can arrange to end a payment after a set number of occurrences or to end on a predetermined date.

Personal Payees 

  • Create a list of your regular payees to make quick transfers, external credits and BPAY payments.


When doing external transfers please check the account details you have entered  the account name cannot be verified by us prior to sending your funds.  Incorrect information may result in funds being credited to the account of an unintended recipient if the BSB number and/or identifier do not belong to the named recipient, and loss of funds should they not reach the intended recipient. It may not be possible to recover your funds from an unintended recipient.

If you do make an error, please let us know and we will action a Mistaken Internet Payment request where we will contact the unintended recipient's banker and request the payment be returned.  An error in a BPAY transaction is not a Mistaken Internet Payment and has its own investigation process.  Your online banking terms and conditions includes our obligations for these reports and the ePayments Code explains further.



  • View interest earned and paid on your accounts for the current and previous years. 
  • View any withholding tax against your account.


  • View lists of your transactions.


  • Customise the way your accounts are displayed. 
  • Personalise the list of accounts on your welcome page

BPAY View 

  • Look after your bills 24/7 online from wherever you are and have a summary of your bills and their due date in one place. 
  • You can still use BPAY if you are receiving your bills via BPAYView. Pay from your account, credit card or use any other method your biller allows. 
  • Make instant payments with BPAY or schedule payments for a later date.

Change your password 

  • Stay smart online and regularly change your password. If you believe your password has become known to someone else, change your password and let us know straightaway.

My Profile 

  • You can let us know of any change to your residential address and/or email address. Keeping us up to date with your contact details is even easier with My Profile.


  • Activate cards
  • PIN change
  • Register for eStatements
  • Apply for loans 

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Remember to read our Terms and Conditions and Fees and Charges which contain the Terms and Conditions for the Everyday Account and the access services, and the Financial Services Guide (PDF) which tells you about us and the services we offer.

BSB: 704 230

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