Save time, space and trees! Access your account statements online with the convenience of having them stored electronically so they can be viewed at any time.


We have recently updated the way you view your e-statements within internet banking. View the FAQs to find out what’s different.

When you register for eCommunications, you will be able to access the electronic version of your account statements via internet banking. An email notification is sent to your email address advising that your statement is ready to be viewed. You'll be able to view, save or print any of these statements.

You must be a registered internet banking user to access eStatements.


You can enjoy the following benefits:

  • eStatements are faster - you no longer have to wait days for the post to arrive
  • you will be able to retrieve your previous statements for the last seven years on internet banking and easily look up past statements
  • simplifies your life with less paper and conserves environmental resources
  • online statements cannot get lost or stolen from your postal box
  • peace of mind that your statements are secure and protected by the same encryption technology that safeguards your accounts.

Apply now 

Remember: you must provide a valid email address and be a registered internet banking user.

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Features of our eStatements include:

  • your eStatement looks exactly the same as your paper statement, and you will be able to print it and save it to your desktop
  • statements available for viewing, downloading and printing, 24/7
  • efficient storage of statements.


Here are some tips for you when using our eCommunications and eStatements services.

Whitelisting to receive our emails

Many internet service providers have spam filters to give you greater control over the emails you receive and to help you avoid junk email.

Unfortunately, these filters may block emails you wish to receive from us. To avoid this, you will need to add to your email address book and update your anti-spam program whitelist or filters.

An email whitelist is a list of contacts that the user deems are acceptable to receive email from and should not be sent to the trash folder.

Anti-spam programs

Spam filters can contain sender whitelists and blacklists, as well as key words to look for in emails. If a spam filter keeps a whitelist, mail from the email addresses, domains, and/or internet provider addresses listed will always be allowed.

Follow the steps outlined to whitelist us in the more commonly-used email providers. Please note that these instructions may not be exact and you’ll still need to refer to your provider’s manual or help files if necessary.

Hotmail - how to whitelist

  1. Go to Options > More options.
  2. Under Junk email, select Safe and blocked senders.
  3. Select Safe senders.
  4. Type into the box and select Add to list.

Yahoo mail - how to whitelist

  1. Go to Mail Options > Filters.
  2. Select Add Filter.
  3. In the top row labelled From header, make sure Contains is selected in the pull-down menu.
  4. Select the text box next to that pull-down menu, then enter
  5. At the bottom where it says Move the Message To, select Inbox.
  6. Select Add Filter again.

Gmail - how to whitelist

  1. Go to Contacts.
  2. Select Create Contact on the top menu.
  3. Type in the primary email box.
  4. Select Save.

Microsoft Outlook (most versions) - how to whitelist

  1. Go to File > New > Contact.
  2. Create a contact in your address book for (copy email address into the Email field and select Save and Close).
  3. From your inbox, go to Tools > Organise.
  4. Under Ways to Organise Inbox, select Using Folders.
  5. Create a rule to Move new messages to Inbox and then select Create.
  6. Close the dialogue box and return to Outlook.

AOL - how to whitelist

  1. Go to Mail OptionsAddress Book.
  2. Select Add / Add Contact.
  3. Type in into Screen Name and select Save.

Tech assistance

Are you are having problems opening your eStatement within Internet Banking? It sounds like you’re having problems with the pop up blocker on your desktop computer. This can be easily fixed.

Do you know what browser you have? Identify your browser and follow the steps below.

Important note: Make sure you exit and restart your browser after you make all the changes below in order for the changes to take effect.

Further assistance
If you’re still experiencing issues after going through the steps below, you can call 13 63 73 and one of our friendly Service and Sales consultants will be happy to assist you. We recommend that you make a note of the error message that appears and provide that information to the consultant. Alternatively, email us at and remember to attach any screenshots, or note down the specific error message, that may assist us in resolving the problem.

Internet explorer 

Enable pop-ups 

  • Go to Tools > Pop-up Blocker > Pop-up Blocker Settings 
  • Type "*" and "*" into the space provided, then click Add > Close
    pop-up blocker screenshot

Internet explorer 11

  • Go to Tools > Internet options 
  • Select the Privacy Tab 
  • If the Pop Up blocker is turned on, then add "*" and "*" to sites allowed to pop up.
    IE11 pop-up blocker screenshot

Mozilla Firefox

Check your pop-up blocker

  • Go to Firefox > Options
  • On the Content tab, click on Exceptions in the Block pop-up windows section
  • Type "*" in the space provided then click Allow > Close  firefox pop-up blocker screenshot 

Apple Safari

Check your Security settings

  • Go to Safari > Preferences 
  • On the Security tab, make sure the "Enable JavaScript" and "Allow Java" boxes are checked 
  • The "Block pop-up windows" box should not be checked 

safari pop up blocker screenshot

Google Chrome

Check your pop-up blocker

  • Under the Privacy section, click on Content settings and under the Pop-ups section, click on Manage exceptions 
  • Enter [*] then click Allow > Done

chrome pop-up blocker screenshot 




What has been updated?

You can now view your statements as a PDF within the same window.

How can I view my statement from more than 2 years ago?

If you would like a copy of a statement that was issued more than 2 years ago you will need to call us on 13 63 73.

How do I stop getting paper statements?

To receive e-statements, you must be registered for internet banking. You can register here. Once you have registered you can apply online for e-statements.

Can I access my eStatements on my iPad or iPhone with this update?

Yes, you can now view your eStatements on an iPad and iPhone. Once on the eStatements page, you will need to click on “open in new window/download.”

When I click to view my statement, it tells me that my browser is not compatible.

Not all browsers are capable of viewing statements in the frame. Select the ‘download’ or ‘Open in new window’ option to download the statement outside of the browser.

How do I find my eStatements?

  1. Log in to internet banking.
  2. Go to Accounts > eStatements.
  3. A new window will open with a list of available eStatements.
  4. Choose the statement you wish to view, save or print, and it will open in a new window (note: you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view your eStatements).

Are eStatements available on the BankVic mobile App?

Unfortunately eStatements are currently unavailable on the BankVic mobile App.

I get two separate statements each month - why can I only see one?

Statements are listed in statement number order. Because of this, the second statement may appear lower in the list.

Can I download the transactions from an eStatement and enter them in to Excel, MS Money, Quicken, Xero or other financial management software?

No. This can only be done by clicking on ‘Download Transactions’ from the welcome page.

How do I apply to receive eStatement notifications?

To receive eStatements, you must be a registered internet banking user. > Register now

Once you've registered, you can apply online for eStatements.

How do I know when my statement is available?

You will receive an email notifying you that your eStatement is available to view via internet banking. You will need to ensure you provide a valid email address and notify us if it changes.

We would like to assure you that this email doesn’t contain your statement details – it is simply a notification that your eStatement is ready to be viewed online.

When will my quarterly statements be available?

Your statements for the quarter ending March, June, September and December will be available in the first week of the subsequent month, ie Statements for the March quarter will be available in the first week of April.

Can I nominate more than one email address?

No. It is important to ensure your email address is one you regularly access, correct and up-to-date at all times.

Can I nominate the account types for which I wish to receive eStatements?

No. If you elect to receive eStatements for your membership, you will receive all your account statements electronically.

How do I update my email address?

To change your designated email address, you can contact us or do it yourself via online banking as follows:

Internet banking:

  1. Log in to internet banking.
  2. Go to My Preferences > My profile.
  3. Select Contact details and update your email address.
  4. Select OK to submit the changes.

Mobile banking:

  1. Log in to mobile banking.
  2. Go to More > Personal Details.
  3. Select Contact and update your email address
  4. Select Confirm to submit the changes.

Can I ask a question by replying to the email address on the eStatement I receive?

No. If you have questions about your account, you’ll need to contact us.

Can I get an eStatement notification for my RSA accounts?

No. This service is currently unavailable. 

Why are statements only available online and not sent out to me?

We have made the decision to register all our new members onto eStatements as the majority of our members do their banking and check their accounts regularly online. As postage costs are increasing, we would rather direct this money into increasing our support to our member communities and continued investment into our products and services.

Why are statements only available quarterly?

With members being able to track their transactions online 24 hours a day using internet and mobile banking, debit card statements will be now be available quarterly. Credit card statements will be available monthly.

How do I save my eStatements?

Your eStatement will be delivered electronically as a PDF file and presented in Adobe® Acrobat Reader. To save your statement, select the Save a Copy icon in the toolbar and choose a location on your hard drive to save the PDF file to. Then re-name the statement file and select Save.

Can I print my eStatements?

Yes, you can print your eStatements in internet banking. All statements can be printed in PDF format as a replica of your paper statement.

How long is a statement available online?

Your statement is available online for up to seven years from the date appearing on your statement.

If I have a joint account, which email address will the eStatement notification be sent to?

As with paper statements, the eStatement notification will be sent to the primary account holder – first named account holder. However, the secondary account holder may also choose to receive eStatement notifications. Contact us if you wish to set this up.

I don't seem to be receiving any email notifications what's happening?

If you're not receiving your email notifications and we have the correct email address, it's possible that your email provider designates our eStatement notifications as junk mail and sends these to a junk mail folder. You'll need to contact your local internet service provider and ask for instructions on how to allow notices from to be on their safe list or to be delivered directly to your Inbox.

You can also read our tips on whitelisting and anti-spam programs to ensure emails from us don't end up in your junk mail or spam folders.

My mum doesn't have access to the internet - how will she be able to view her statements?

We understand some members do not have access to the internet and for these members, we will send out paper statements on a quarterly basis.

Will you inform me if something has prevented an eStatement notification from being delivered to my email address?

Yes. If after receiving one bounced email in response to an email notification we sent to you, you will start to receive paper statements again for the next cycle. You’ll see a message in that paper statement advising you to contact us in order to start receiving eStatement notifications again.

BSB: 704 230

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