BankVic is committed to reducing its environmental footprint. We encourage you to switch to eCommunications to reduce paper consumption and cost. The money saved goes straight back into improving our products and services, helping us serve you better. Plus you'll be doing your part for the environment.

When you register for eCommunications, you'll receive your member communications instantaneously, rather than waiting for the post.


Online statements

You'll receive an email notification when your eStatement is ready to view online, 24/7, by logging into internet banking.

Important notices

We'll send you an email when we need to notify you about changes to your banking, such as changes to interest rates, conditions of use, or fees and charges. You'll also be the first to know about our Annual General Meeting, Election of Directors, and other important happenings at BankVic.

Marketing communications 

You'll learn about our current promotions via email, reducing your carbon footprint. Plus, to enter competitions, take up special offers, or to find out more, you're only a click away!

Apply now 

Remember: you must provide a valid email address and be a registered internet banking user.

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You can enjoy the following benefits with eCommunications:

  • view eStatements as soon as they are ready
  • manage your accounts quicker and more efficiently without waiting to receive monthly statements in the mail
  • receive important updates quicker
  • be the first to know about new promotions and offers
  • conserve environmental resources and throw away less paper
  • simplify your life with less paper by storing communications electronically


Here are some tips for you when using our eCommunications and eStatements services.

Whitelisting to receive our emails

Many internet service providers have spam filters to give you greater control over the emails you receive and to help you avoid junk email.

Unfortunately, these filters may block emails you wish to receive from us. To avoid this, you will need to add to your email address book and update your anti-spam program whitelist or filters.

An email whitelist is a list of contacts that the user deems are acceptable to receive email from and should not be sent to the trash folder.

Anti-spam programs

Spam filters can contain sender whitelists and blacklists, as well as key words to look for in emails. If a spam filter keeps a whitelist, mail from the email addresses, domains, and/or internet provider addresses listed will always be allowed.

Follow the steps outlined to whitelist us in the more commonly-used email providers. Please note that these instructions may not be exact and you’ll still need to refer to your provider’s manual or help files if necessary.

Hotmail - how to whitelist

  1. Go to Options > More options.
  2. Under Junk email, select Safe and blocked senders.
  3. Select Safe senders.
  4. Type into the box and select Add to list.

Yahoo mail - how to whitelist

  1. Go to Mail Options > Filters.
  2. Select Add Filter.
  3. In the top row labelled From header, make sure Contains is selected in the pull-down menu.
  4. Select the text box next to that pull-down menu, then enter
  5. At the bottom where it says Move the Message To, select Inbox.
  6. Select Add Filter again.

Gmail - how to whitelist

  1. Go to Contacts.
  2. Select Create Contact on the top menu.
  3. Type in the primary email box.
  4. Select Save.

Microsoft Outlook (most versions) - how to whitelist

  1. Go to File > New > Contact.
  2. Create a contact in your address book for (copy email address into the Email field and select Save and Close).
  3. From your inbox, go to Tools > Organise.
  4. Under Ways to Organise Inbox, select Using Folders.
  5. Create a rule to Move new messages to Inbox and then select Create.
  6. Close the dialogue box and return to Outlook.

AOL - how to whitelist

  1. Go to Mail OptionsAddress Book.
  2. Select Add / Add Contact.
  3. Type in into Screen Name and select Save.



How do I apply to receive eCommunications?

To receive eCommunications, you must be a registered internet banking user.

Once you’ve registered, you can apply online for eCommunications.

Can I nominate more than one email address?

No. It is important to ensure your email address is one you regularly access, correct and up-to-date at all times.

How do I update my email address?

To change your designated email address, you can contact us or do it yourself via online banking as follows:

Internet banking:

  1. Log in to internet banking.
  2. Go to My Preferences > My profile.
  3. Select Contact details and update your email address.
  4. Select OK to submit the changes.

Mobile banking:

  1. Log in to mobile banking.
  2. Go to More > Personal Details.
  3. Select Contact and update your email address
  4. Select Confirm to submit the changes.

Can I ask a question by replying to the email address on the eStatement I receive?

No. If you have questions about your account, you’ll need to contact us.

I don't seem to be receiving any email notifications what's happening?

If you're not receiving your email notifications and we have the correct email address, it's possible that your email provider designates our eStatement notifications as junk mail and sends these to a junk mail folder. You'll need to contact your local internet service provider and ask for instructions on how to allow notices from to be on their safe list or to be delivered directly to your Inbox.

You can also read our tips on whitelisting and anti-spam programs to ensure emails from us don't end up in your junk mail or spam folders.

BSB: 704 230

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