Our General Information, Terms and Conditions (PDF) explain that a chargeback is a right we exercise on your behalf (the cardholder of a debit or credit card). Under certain circumstances through a chargeback, we may be able to recover monies previously paid to a merchant.


If you dispute or do not recognise a Visa card transaction, contact us immediately and report any unauthorised transactions.

If your claim fits within the Visa scheme'€™s Chargeback Rules and you have notified us within the set timeframes, we will chargeback the transaction as quickly and efficiently as possible. There is also a dispute resolution process outlining various circumstances and timeframes.

It is important you let us know as soon as you notice as delays may affect our ability to undertake a chargeback and your liability for the transaction.

Common causes

Below are some common reasons for Chargebacks:

Fraudulent Transaction: Card not present

Where the transaction was processed without a card being presented and without your permission.

Not as Described or Defective Merchandise

You may have received damaged or defective merchandise or the merchandise did not match what was described in the documentation provided to you and the retailer refuses to replace the goods.

Cancellation of recurring transactions

The Merchant continues to charge you (a recurring transaction) despite your request to cancel.

Non-Receipt Goods/Services

You or your additional cardholder did not receive the merchandise or services at the agreed-upon location or by the agreed-upon date.

Duplicate processing

The Merchant has processed a single transaction more than once to your account.

Your responsibilities

It’s very important that you read and understand any terms and conditions if you purchase goods/services over the internet. You should try to avoid unnecessary risks when completing your purchase and should always read the terms and conditions on the website in regards to a purchase.

Additionally you should avoid buying a product without adequate description of its quality, or purchasing an item at an excessively discounted price (especially from a non-reputable Internet merchant). In such circumstances, a chargeback right may not be available or be refused if it is outside the rules of the Visa scheme. This may be because there is a lack of evidence of mis-description or insufficient evidence of fraud.


As a service to our members, when there is reason to believe clear fraud has taken place, we'll credit your account with an equivalent amount to that debited fraudulently and then seek the chargeback on your behalf. Where the chargeback relates to other types of dispute between you and the merchant, we may not credit the account immediately, but still seek the chargeback on your behalf if it is within the card's Chargeback Rules. Your account will then be credited on our receipt of the funds from the merchant.

Examine your account statement as soon as you receive it to identify and report, as soon as possible, any instances of unauthorised use. Under the Visa’s chargeback rules, we have between 75 and 120 days to seek reimbursement on your behalf. For disputed transactions made outside the Visa scheme rule timeframes, BankVic is still obliged to investigate the claim and apply the liability provisions to which it is contractually bound under the ePayments Code.

Duration of the chargeback process may take up to 6 months from the date of the transaction. However, dependent on the nature of the dispute, in some instances it can take as long as 12 months to finalise.

Please remember that disputed transactions can take some time to resolve. However, be assured we'll let you know as soon as possible once we are advised of the outcome. To find out the status of a chargeback request, contact us and quote the reference number that you would have been allocated when you originally lodged the chargeback request.

How to lodge a chargeback claim

  1. Call us on 13 63 73 option 3 (if overseas, call +613 9268 9373).
  2. Complete and submit a Transaction Dispute form.
BSB: 704 230

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