Card fraud

Together with ORION, our Queensland based fraud management service provider, we have in place a sophisticated card monitoring program to provide additional security protection 24/7, when you're at home or travelling. 

Fraud monitoring

We understand you want to feel safe when shopping or travelling with your Visa credit or debit card. Hence, we have put in place a sophisticated card monitoring program to  provide additional security protection – wherever you are 24 hours a day – through our fraud management service provider ORION.

ORION monitors usual card spending, so we can detect any unusual spending patterns and prevent attempts by others to use your card. In the case of suspicious transactions we will contact you directly, as soon as possible. In the event that you are not contactable, ORION will restrict your card.

We recommend you contact us before travelling overseas and let us know all your contact details while away. We also recommend that as a precaution, you should have more than one way to access your accounts in case of an emergency (for example, you may have both a debit and credit card, or consider arranging for your partner to be the additional cardholder).

Protect yourself against card fraud

Here are some useful tips to help you prevent fraud:

  • Always keep your card within sight during a transaction.
  • Always remove your card from an ATM. Unlike Australia's ATMs, some overseas ATMs (such as in Bali) may not prompt you to immediately remove your card.  It may not be until after you have taken your cash that you are prompted to remove your card!
  • Examine your account statement as soon as you receive it to identify and report, as soon as possible, any instances of unauthorised use. Under the Visa’s chargeback rules we have between 75 and 120 days to seek reimbursement on your behalf. For disputed transactions made outside the Visa scheme rule timeframes, BankVic is still obliged to investigate the claim and apply the liability provisions to which it is contractually bound under the ePayments Code
  • Always treat your cards as if they were cash and remember they are the keys to your account.
  • Read the Credit card Conditions of Use (PDF) and the debit cards terms and conditions in section 4.18 of our General Information, Terms and Conditions (PDF) for further advice on security, card use and liability.

If you suspect any fraudulent or unauthorised transactions on your card account, contact us immediately.

Safer, more secure online shopping

Now you can enjoy the freedom of shopping online with the extra protection of Visa Secure.

Visa Secure is designed to provide extra protection when you shop online at participating Visa Secure merchants with your Visa card.

Each time you make an online purchase, the Visa Secure program assesses the risk level of the transaction. Where there is certain activity that may seem out of the ordinary such as high dollar value on a purchase, or a retailer you've never bought with before, you'll be asked to confirm some simple personal details, such as your name as per your card, your date of birth, postcode as advised to us and member number to ensure your card isn't being used fraudulently.

Unless Visa Secure detects a certain degree of risk with your transaction, you won't even notice the program working behind the scenes to protect you. Best of all, you won't be interrupted on your way to the checkout.

The Visa Secure service is free, so you now can start transacting safely, securely and confidently.

Further information

Please call us contact us if you require further information on Visa cards or our Fraud management processes.

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