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Not sure which savings account is best for you? It's a good idea to consider your financial situation, work out your objectives and goals and think about how you do your banking. Or call us and talk it through before you decide.

Remember that you'll need to consider more than interest rates. If you're saving regularly, an account that pays bonus interest for no withdrawals might suit you. But if you want to move your money in and out whenever you want, then one of our easy access options would probably be better.

Then there are special  purpose accounts such as the Little Copper Club for our members who are under 18 or the Christmas Club for those holiday expenses.

  • Anywhere: everyday account with unlimited free ATM withdrawals at any ATM in Australia when you deposit $1,000 per month1. Plus enjoy unlimited free eftpos transactions and free internet and mobile banking.
  • Ezepac: transaction and linked savings account with free eftpos and unlimited free ATM withdrawals of $100 or more; free internet and mobile banking and many ways to transact fee-free.
  • Multipack: provides daily access via a Visa debit card with generous ATM and eftpos limits; free internet and mobile banking and many ways to transact fee-free; no minimum balance required.
  • Investment: daily access; higher interest; no minimum balance.
  • Easyinvest: higher interest rates; flexible; no minimum balance.
  • Bonus Saver: bonus interest when you deposit at least $100 per month with no withdrawals.
  • Christmas Club: plan for holiday spending;higher interest; no minimum balance.
  • Little Copper Club: for members under 18 with higher interest; competitions and rewards.
  • Term deposits: competitive interest rates; fixed term.
Easy invest
Bonus Saver
Christmas Club
Little Copper Club
Term Deposits
Super-future RSA Variable
Daily access (at-call)
Electronic access only
Higher interest
Bonus interest
Free eftpos 20 per month (includes cash out)
Free ATM transactions 1 for withdrawals over $100 2
Visa Debit card available
Cash advance - Visa cash advance (includes overseas ATM transactions) 4 free per month 4 free per month 4 free per month
Cheque book $10 per cheque book $10 per cheque book $10 per cheque book
No minimum deposit
BankVic branch deposit
BankVic branch withdrawals 4 free per month
Westpac branch deposit
Direct debits & credits to and from account
Internet banking
App & mobile banking
Telephone banking
No minimum balance
Savings rewards and competitions
BSB: 704 230

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