Using Your BankVic Salary Packaging Card

BankVic offers two types of salary packaging cards:

1. Everyday Expenses
2. Meals and Entertainment.

What are the rules around how I can use these cards?

The Australian Tax office governs how each salary packaging card is to be used. BankVic supports compliance with these rules by limiting the use of cards to certain merchant types however cannot provide an absolute guarantee of compliance through card restrictions alone. This benefit is the responsibility of your employer (because FBT is a company responsibility), and as the card holder, it is your obligation to be aware of what salary packaging cards can or cannot be used for. For further information please speak with your employer and /or visit the ATO website.

Meals and Entertainment Card

You can use your Meals and Entertainment Card / Entertainment Benefit Card when dining in at places such as restaurants, cafés, pubs, bistros or hotels. You can also use it at many businesses offering accommodation, transportation and travel agency services. (Please note that booking flights may be done through a travel agent but not direct through the airline itself.) You cannot use it for sustenance or refreshment. The ATO guidelines make this distinction.

Some quick tips for using your Meals and Entertainment Card

  • You can only use your Meals and Entertainment card when dining in. This means take away meals, coffee and snacks, as well as food and drink purchased at the movies, concerts, sporting events and theatres are not included as they are deemed by the ATO to be sustenance and refreshment.
  • Whether or not you can use your Meals and Entertainment Card / Entertainment Benefit Card will depend on the merchant classification a particular outlet has used. For example, you may not be able to use your card at a café located in a retail shop, if the cafe is classified as a furniture shop
  • Your Meals and Entertainment Card / Entertainment Benefit Card cannot be used for BPAY.

Everyday Expenses Card

The Living Expenses / Everyday Expenses Card allows you to make everyday purchases using your pre-tax salary. Broad categories include petrol, groceries, takeaway food, coffee, snacks and clothing.

When can’t I use my Everyday Expenses card?

There are certain goods and services that you won’t be able to use your everyday expenses card for. These include dating and escort services, firearms, betting and wagering services.

Using your Everyday Expenses card for BPAY

You can use your everyday expenses card to make operator-assisted BPAY payments by calling 136373 and speaking with a BankVic team member.

Avoiding Declined Transactions

Transactions will be declined if

- they are made at a merchant that is from a category that is not allowed eg. bakery


-there are insufficient funds in the account

If you are unsure, it is recommended that you check with BankVic prior to your purchase to avoid putting up a manual claim or experiencing a declined transaction. BankVic will be able to answer any questions regarding what are allowed or blocked transactions.If you download the BankVic app you can check your available balance at any time when you are out and about. Simply download from the App Store or the Google Play Store.

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