The basics

So if you're looking to invest in shares or managed funds, this package provides you with the flexibility and convenience to manage your investment the way you want.

Investing in non-property assets such as shares and managed funds 

Managed investments can be a convenient way to invest, especially if you don't want to spend time researching investment markets. This way, you just leave it to the experts.

Investing directly in assets such as shares can suit investors who have the time to do their own research and who prefer to take a hands-on approach rather than leave it to an investment professional.

If you don't have spare resources to invest in the market, unlocking the equity in your home can be a way to build wealth. Borrowing to invest can grow your returns but can also increase the risks, so getting the right financial advice is important.

Here are some things to consider when investing in shares and/or managed funds.

  • Where interest costs are more than the income from your investments, your cashflow will reduce, but your tax position may improve (similar to property investment). Every investor's situation is different, so you'll need advice from your accountant and / or financial advisor.
  • Growth assets (such as shares or a diversified portfolio) may produce a better result than a cash investment over the long term. Short term investments of only a few years or less may provide negative returns or an outcome that doesn't meet your expectations. Understanding the timeframe for your investment is important and advice from a financial advisor can help.
  • Australian share investments can also offer additional tax benefits through the dividend imputation system of franking credits.

Risks associated with investing in shares and/or managed funds

It's important to take into consideration some of the risks associated with investing in shares and/or managed funds.

  • Your investment value may reduce.
  • Your investment may not make as much money as you want.
  • You may make a loss.
  • Your investment value may reduce or may not be performing well at the time that you want to withdraw your funds.

Here’s a tip for you.

  • Get professional advice from an accountant or financial advisor to help you decide if investing in shares or managed funds is best for you.

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