Premium Home Package

Whether you’re looking to purchase a new home or refinance from another bank to us, you can take advantage of the great benefits and discounts of our Premium Home Package.  

Receive great discounts on your home loan, lower insurance premiums, higher interest on your term deposits and a whole range of other benefits.



You can enjoy the following benefits:  

  • discount on the interest rate of your home loan account – up to 0.50% pa on a standard variable rate loan1:
    • Loans up to $249,999: 0.25%pa discount
    • Loans from $250,000 - $749,999: 0.40%pa discount
    • Loans of $750,000 or more: 0.50%pa discount
  • additional interest on term deposits1
  • up to 10% discount on insurance premiums2
  • optional 100% offset facility on standard variable rate loans
  • annual fee waiver on your Visa Gold credit card
  • loan establishment fee waived on home loans that are eligible for package discounts
  • switching fee is waived3, ie when you change your loan from standard variable to a fixed rate
  • cost of up to three standard property valuations4 waived per year.


To be eligible, you must:

  • be a BankVic member
  • be 18 years and over and
  • meet our lending assessment criteria
  • have BankVic transaction account or credit card account (for standard variable interest only or line of credit home loans only).
  • pay the package fee of $375 per annum.

1. Benefits cannot be applied to existing products with fixed interest rate periods until the current period is rolled over.
2. Available on selected insurance policies. Discounts apply on new policies.
3. Early repayment and break costs may apply. Please refer to Fees & Charges.
4. Standard property valuations are defined as those within the Metropolitan area and major regional centres and where the value is under $1million.


Features of our Premium Home Package include:

  • annual fee of $375
  • maximum loan term 30 years
  • loan portability.

Rates & fees


Standard variable / Interest only / Line of credit5
  Discount off standard variable rate
Loans up to $249,999
0.25% pa
Loans from $250,000 - $749,999
0.40% pa
Loans of $750,000 or more6 0.50% pa
Fixed rate  / Interest only fixed7
  Discount off fixed  rate
1 year
0.10% pa
2 year
0.10% pa
3 year
0.10% pa
4 year
0.10% pa
5 year
0.10% pa

5 Rates effective 21 October 2019 for new borrowers; 28 October 2019 for existing borrowers.
6 Effective 1 Oct 2013 for new borrowings only.
7 Rates effective 10 December 2019.

Key facts sheet

You can also request a home loan key facts sheet which will highlight important information such as the total amount that you need to repay over the life of your loan.

Fees & charges

Refer to Fees & Charges (PDF) for information on current fees & charges.


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