Building or renovating

Planning to build or renovate your home? Our home loan options allow renovators the flexibility to access the equity you already have in your home. Building, access your funds progressively, releasing as you need to pay the builder for the various stages of completion of your construction.


Home improvements

Home improvements can include anything from replacing the carpet or appliances, to major renovations such as adding a room, building a deck or a new garage. We offer a loan for home improvement that allows you to take advantage of the equity you already have in your property. Borrowing to improve the quality and appeal of your home means that in most cases you'll be increasing its value. So why not use your equity to get what you need?

Building your home

Once you have chosen your registered builder, you can choose from our range of home loans to suit your needs.  Note that with construction loans it is market practice that we fund your home loan progressively. This protects you as your builder isn't paid until work is satisfactorily completed at each stage. Remember that our home loan consultants will be there to help you every step of the way

Insure your home

Free no-obligation quotes on pay-by-the-month insurance.

Popular home loan options for building and renovating


Here are some tips when building or renovating.

  • Update your existing home and contents insurance policy to ensure that you're fully covered. For example, if you've finally bought that entertainment system you have been dreaming of, notify your insurance provider it may be worthwhile making sure if the unthinkable happens you are covered.
  • Take out mortgage repayment insurance – a simple way to ensure your loan repayments are made if something happens to you (for example if you're injured in an accident, get sick and can't work, or in the event of death).

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