Personal risk protection

BankVic offers an advice-based personal risk protection service tailored to your individual circumstances.

We utilise quality products which are compared against industry best practice and structured in the most attractive way possible for you, both in terms of tax effectiveness and price.

Consider this, do you think you could continue with your current lifestyle without your income?

If the answer is €˜"no"€™, then you should definitely call us to discuss the benefits of income protection. Very few of us can actually live without an income, especially taking into consideration today'€™s economic environment.

Most people wouldn'€™t dream of driving without car insurance, but aren'€™t the passengers in the car more important? You would insure a diamond ring, but isn'€™t the person wearing it worth a whole lot more?

One thing that most people don'€™t stop to realise is that the greatest asset you have is you!

The sooner you act, the sooner you can have peace of mind. We hope you'€™ll never need to call on the protection, but if you do, you'€™ll at least know that you'€™ve received advice on all the €˜"what if€™s"€™ as part of our personal risk protection service.

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