Visa debit cards

Our Visa debit card gives you convenient access to your funds and can be used with an Everyday transaction account, your line of credit or overdraft.


You can enjoy the following benefits:

  • use your Visa debit card at any ATM and eftpos outlet to pay bills or make purchases online and over the phone
  • purchase goods or services at any retail store displaying the Visa symbol
  • access cash at ATMs worldwide displaying the Visa symbol
  • purchase goods and services at merchants worldwide displaying the Visa symbol
  • purchase goods and obtain cash at eftpos terminals throughout Australia
  • arrange regular payments to other service providers.


  • To be eligible, you must be 15 years or over.


Features of our Visa debit card include the ability to:

  • transact through an electronic banking terminal with:
    • your Visa debit card and a PIN or signature
    • your Visa debit card alone, where your merchant has a card-only limit or where Visa payWave is enabled
  • transact over the phone with your Visa debit card.

More info

Our Visa debit card is a debit card, NOT a credit card. It's designed to help you better manage your finances, and avoid incurring unnecessary interest charges.

You can use your Visa debit card at restaurants, department stores, supermarkets or other merchants. Your card will give you access to your Everyday account, line of credit and/or overdraft by giving you the ability to:

  • withdraw funds at an ATM using the savings button
  • pay for your purchase over the phone or online
  • pay for your purchase at any eftpos terminal using the credit button. 

Providing an additional Visa debit card 

As a debit card holder, you can apply to have an additional card issued to someone else (who must be over the age of 15). Before doing this, make sure that you trust the person to use the card responsibly as you will be liable for all the transactions that they carry out. You can always cancel an additional card by giving us written notice. 

Important advice on Visa card security 

It is most important that you keep your card and PIN safe, secure and secure at all times. Remain watchful for any unauthorised transactions occurring on your account. This will help you to report any loss, theft or misuse of your PIN or card to us in a timely manner. It will also lessen the likelihood of being liable for all or part of any financial loss suffered. 

Safer, more secure online shopping 

You can shop online with confidence with Verified by Visa

Lost, stolen or misused cards

Has your card or PIN record been lost, stolen or misused?

Has your PIN become known to someone else? 

Is there an unknown or unauthorised transaction on your account? 

Contact us now. 

Chargeback claim

If you don't recognise a card transaction you should immediately notify us of the unauthorised transaction and seek to lodge a chargeback claim. Call Service & Sales on 13 63 73 option 3 (8am-7pm, Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm, Saturday) or afterhours and weekends, option 7. If overseas, call +613 9268 9373. 

It is important to let us know immediately you notice the unauthorised transaction as chargebacks have time limits and delays in advising us may affect your liability.  Our card terms and conditions explain your liability รข please read our Terms and Conditions (PDF).

BSB: 704 230

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