What do I do if my card is lost, stolen or misused?

You must contact us immediately, even if you are overseas. Go to our Lost, Stolen or Misused Card page to find out how to contact us.

It is important that you notify us immediately of any unauthorised transactions and lost, stolen or misused cards as delays may affect the liability for loss and our ability to claim a chargeback on your behalf. We recommend you read the card’s conditions of use regarding liability and chargebacks.

How do I advise you of an unauthorised or unknown transaction on my Visa credit or debit card account?

To report an unauthorised or unknown transaction on your Visa credit card account, please contact our Call Centre on 13 63 73 (8am-7pm, Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm, Saturday). If contacting us outside of these hours, please leave a message via option 2 and we will action on the next business day.

It is important that you notify us immediately of unauthorised transactions as delays may affect the liability for loss and our ability to claim a chargeback on your behalf.  We recommend you read the card’s conditions of use regarding liability and chargebacks.

How do I lodge a chargeback claim?

If you do dispute or do not recognise a card transaction, you should contact us immediately to report the unauthorised transaction and seek to lodge a chargeback claim by completing a Transaction Dispute form. Please contact our Call Centre on 13 63 73 (8am-7pm, Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm, Saturday). If overseas, call +613 9268 9373.

It is important that you notify us immediately of unauthorised transactions as delays may affect our ability to claim a chargeback on your behalf. We recommend you read the card'€™s conditions of use regarding liability and chargebacks.

How can I apply for a Visa credit card?

3 easy ways to apply

How long does the credit card application process take?

To ensure that your application is processed as quickly as possible, check that you have answered all the questions on your application form and attached all the required information.

  • You will receive confirmation of approval within 24 hours or the next business day.
  • You will generally receive your new card within 5 – 7 working days of approval.

Can I switch credit card products, from Silver to Gold or Gold to Silver?

Yes. Please ensure that you refer to our Comparison Table as the products do differ. If it has been ninety days since your last credit application you will need to reapply.

If your switch includes a limit increase, you will need to complete a Visa Credit Card Limit Increase form (mail your completed form back to us at BankVic, Reply Paid 90210, MELBOURNE VIC 8060, visit a branch or call Service & Sales on 13 63 73.

Can I view the history of my card transactions online or hear them on telephone banking?

Yes. Log in to online banking and select your card and account type Gold (S16) or Silver (S15), or call automated telephone banking and choose option 1.

Do I need to activate my Visa card? If so, how do I activate my Visa card?

Yes whether you are the primary cardholder or additional cardholder you will need to activate your own Visa card. You can activate your Visa credit card by calling automated telephone banking on 13 63 73 option 1, then 6 for card activation. Alternatively you can activate your Visa card via internet banking.

How do I add or remove an additional cardholder from my card account?

As a credit card holder, you can apply to have an additional card issued to someone else (who must be over the age of 15). Before doing this, make sure that you trust the person to use the card responsibly. Remember that you will be liable for all the transactions that this person carries out. You are always free to cancel an additional card by giving us written notice.

If you wish to have an additional card holder for your Visa credit card, or transfer your other bank or credit union credit card balance to your Visa credit card, you should read our Visa credit card conditions of use (PDF) and then return your completed Additional cardholder / Balance transfer request form (PDF) to us in one of the following ways:

How do I close my credit card account?

Providing the balance is paid in full, you may cancel your card at any time by sending a written request to BankVic, Reply Paid 90210, Melbourne VIC 8060.

How do I increase my credit limit?

If you wish to increase the limit of your existing credit card, you should read our Visa credit card conditions of use (PDF) and submit your request in one of the following ways.

How do I decrease my credit limit?

You can decrease the limit of your existing credit card in one of the following ways:

We will send you written confirmation of your limit decrease.

How do I transfer my existing credit card balance with another bank/credit union to my BankVic Visa credit card?

You can transfer your existing credit card balance to our Visa credit card by completing the Balance Transfer Request section on the Visa Credit Card Application form (PDF). Or if you already have our Visa credit card, complete the Visa Credit Card Additional Cardholder / Balance Transfer Request form (PDF).

If I make a cash advance in the statement cycle as well as purchases, does the system identify this and just accumulate interest on the cash advance?

Yes. If you make a cash withdrawal (Visa cash advance) as well as purchases in the next statement, you are charged interest on the cash advance component only. Interest charges on cash advances and purchases are itemised separately at the end of your statement. Your payments will be directed to the cash advance first.

If I transfer my existing credit card balance from another bank or credit union to a BankVicVisa credit card is this considered as a cash advance that will accumulate interest?

We will treat all balance transfer with the BPAY facility as a retail purchase. Only when the BPAY option is not available interest will be applied to the amount of the balance transfer starting from the date the balance transfer request is processed as there is no interest free period for balance transfers.

If my first purchase is made at the end of the credit card statement period, do I still have 45 days interest free on that purchase or is it reduced as it is near the end of the statement cycle?

Your interest free period is reduced for purchases you make closer to the end of the statement cycle.

What are my payment options for consumer credit insurance?

You can pay your consumer credit insurance premiums by:

  • Direct debit from your nominated savings account
  • Direct debit from another financial institution savings account or credit card.

What do I need to do when my card is about to expire?

If you have been using your card, you will automatically be sent a replacement card to the address that we hold for you, 3-weeks prior to your card’s expiry date. The same PIN applies if you currently have one. If you have not used your card for twelve months, we will seek your consent to replace your card. If you are travelling overseas, make sure your card is not going to expire while you are away – remember to call us to arrange for a replacement well before you leave.

What happens if I don’t use my card for an extended period of time?

If you don’t use your card for an extended period of time (approximately 200 days), we will write to you to ask if you would like to retain your credit card account or your debit card to access your Anywhere, Ezepac, Multipack or Line of Credit account.

What overseas charges are involved with cash advances?

Fees and charges may be incurred when you use your card overseas.  Information about all card costs are included in our Fees and Charges 

What types of insurance cover are available with my credit card?

Our Visa Gold credit card includes overseas travel insurance. View Gold credit card travel insurance (PDF).

Where is the three-digit security number on my Visa credit card?

Your CVV or security number is located on the back of your Visa card. It is the last three digits of the number that appears in the signature field of your credit card. The CVV number is a security feature for card not present transactions (e.g., Internet and over the phone transactions) and helps to ascertain that you in possesses of the Visa card and that the card account is legitimate.


payWave is a contactless payment technology. There's no need to enter a PIN, sign anything or fumble for cash for smaller purchases of under $100. The cards have a tiny antenna embedded into the chip which securely transmits payment instructions to and from a specially-adapted card terminal.

All our Visa debit and credit cards issued since August 2012 are enabled for Visa payWave payments. 

Just wave and go!

  • It saves time on both sides of the counter due to shorter transaction times and shorter queue times.
  • It's more convenient as there is no need to worry about carrying around pockets of cash.
  • The card doesn't leave your hand at checkout when making a contactless purchase.
  • You don't have to sign anything or enter a PIN for purchases under $100.
  • The payments are still secure and covered by Visa's Zero Liability policy. Please ensure you read Visa Credit Card Terms and Conditions (PDF).

The Visa payWave card can be used for any amount in Australia. If your purchase is under $100, you will not be required to sign or enter a PIN to complete the transaction. If your purchase is more than $100, you use the card in the usual way where you enter your PIN or sign. This $100 amount threshold has been set and mandated by Visa.

Visa payWave cards are safe and secure carrying multiple layers of authentication technology similar to that of regular chip cards.

Can I still use my card as normal?

Your card can be swiped or dipped, used for online payments or over the phone and has all the regular features of your Visa credit or debit card.

What are the benefits?

A Visa payWave-enabled card is a quicker and more convenient way to pay:

  • It saves time on both sides of the counter due to shorter transaction times and shorter queue times.
  • It's more convenient as you have no need to worry about carrying around pockets of cash.
  • The card doesn't leave your hand at checkout when making a contactless purchase.
  • You don't have to sign anything or enter a PIN for purchases under $100.

How do I use my Visa payWave-enabled card?

Look out for a retailer displaying the contactless symbol and Visa logo at the point of sale in Australia and overseas. Hold your card within 4cm of the secure contactless reader. Four green lights will appear. You can then remove your card and the transaction will be complete. You can choose to receive a receipt, but this is optional.

How close does the card need to be to the reader?

You should hold your Visa payWave-enabled card within 4cm of the card reader. The card will not be detected by the reader if it is not within range.

Is there a limit on the value of goods I can purchase with Visa payWave technology?

You can use your Visa payWave-enabled card for any amount in Australia. For purchases under $100, you can wave and go. For purchases over $100, a PIN or signature is required.

What happens if I try to purchase goods over $100?

For purchases exceeding $100, you can still use your Visa payWave-enabled card by entering your PIN or by signing your name to authorise the transaction.

What do I do if my card is lost, stolen or misused?

You must contact us immediately, even if you are overseas. Go to our Lost, Stolen or Misused Card page to find out how to contact us.

Will I receive a receipt for transactions I make?

A Visa payWave payment is designed to let you make low-value transactions quickly and conveniently. The retailer will ask if you require a receipt, it's up to you.

Is there any chance that a payment may be taken twice from my account?

Visa payWave terminals are designed to only make one transaction per card at a time. All Visa payWave terminals are tested and certified to confirm that a card is only read once before the transaction is concluded. As a safeguard, each transaction must be complete or void before another one can take place.

How do I know when a payment has been made?

Your transaction is confirmed by the illumination of four green indicator lights and a display message confirming that your transaction has been successful.

Could I unknowingly have made a purchase if I walked past the reader?

Your card has to be waved within 4cm of the card reader for more than half a second and the retailer must have first entered the amount for you to approve. Terminals can only process one payment transaction at a time thereby reducing transaction errors. Configurations are so that once a transaction has been processed, the opportunity for duplicate transaction is removed.

How do I know that my transaction information is secure?

The Visa payWave platform is based on secure EMV chip technology which provides both data protection and transaction security via the use of keys and the latest encryption technology. Transactions are processed through the same, reliable payment network as magnetic strip transactions.

Can my identity be stolen through the chip in my card?

Chip cards is encrypted Dynamic Data Authentication (DDA) on the microchip, which makes the chip card almost impossible to counterfeit. Dynamic Data Authentication (DDA) is a more securer way of authentication because it authenticates the card itself. Since the security information on the payWave chip changes each time the chip is read, it cannot be reproduced to perform future transactions, and information pulled from the chip is essentially valueless..

Is this technology as secure as my current chip or non-chip enabled Visa card?

Visa payWave-enabled cards carry the same multiple layers of security protection, including Zero Liability which ensures you are not responsible for fraudulent or unauthorised transactions. In addition, with Visa payWave, you retain control of your card during the transaction, which reduces the potential risk of fraud. Please ensure you review the Visa Credit Card Terms and Conditions (PDF).

Can I use my card at retailers that do not have Visa payWave terminals?

The card's chip and magnetic stripe also allow the card to be used in the same way a traditional Visa debit or credit card is used, wherever Visa is accepted (using a signature or PIN where required).

What card types will have Visa payWave capabilities?

Visa payWave capabilities can be incorporated on any Visa card – on both BankVic’s credit and debit cards.

Do I need to select the Credit, Savings, or Cheque button when I make a transaction?

When using your card contactlessly that is using payWave, the transaction is automatically routed through the Credit button. However, if you are using your card the standard way (in contact mode), you will have to select the option of Credit, Savings or Cheque.

Can I get cash out at merchants with a Visa payWave card?

Yes. You will not be able to payWave the ‘cash out’ but you can get cash out by swiping or dipping your card, and choosing to enter your PIN or to sign as you normally would.

Can I purchase a payWave card as mine isn’t due for renewal until later?

From August 2012, BankVic has distributed payWave-enabled Visa debit cards as they come up for renewal. Visa credit cards will be payWave-enabled.

If you do not wish to wait until the renewal of your card, you have the option of purchasing a replacement card – which will be payWave-enabled – for $10. Simply call Service & Sales on 13 63 73 and request for a payWave-enabled card and your nominated account will be debited.


Are there limits on the amount of Visa Gold Cash Back rewards dollars I can accrue?

Yes. Rewards are capped to a value of AUD$5,000 spent each statement period (or up to AUD$60,000 per annum)

When do I get my Visa Gold credit card Cash Back Rewards?

Your Cash Back Rewards dollars are automatically credited to your Visa Gold credit card account on 1 December. Rewards accrued after 15 November each year will be included in the next year’s reward (period between 16 November and 15 November.

Note: rewards are automatically credited to your credit card accounts on 1 December each year. Rewards accrued after 15 November each year tally towards the next year’s reward.

What happens to my Cash Back reward dollars if I close my credit card account?

Your rewards are not transferable. If you close your accounts before the rewards are credited on 1 December, your rewards dollars are forfeited.

If I have an additional cardholder, do they receive individual reward dollars?

Rewards are accrued by all cardholders but as the rewards are credited to the account, only the account holder receives the reward.

Is the Cash Back Rewards program available on both Visa Silver and Gold credit cards?

No. The Cash Back Rewards program is only available with the Visa Gold credit card.

How do I accumulate Visa Gold credit card Cash Back Rewards?

You will earn $1 for every $250 spent using your Visa Gold credit card. Cash Back Rewards are subject to credit purchases using Paywave or PIN at the point of sale, BPAY payments, or purchases over the telephone or online. Cash advances do not accumulate Cash Back Rewards.

Chip cards

What is a chip card?

A chip card is similar to the former issued Visa card but with enhanced security features. With the chip card you have access to all the features of your non-chip card. The benefit and only difference is that a chip card carries an embedded security microchip as well as the standard magnetic stripe on the back of your card, which makes your transactions even more secure.

Can you still change your PIN with a chip card?

Yes, you can change your PIN at a Cashcard© ATM or at any of our branches, 9:30am-4pm, Monday to Friday  

Will my PIN stay the same?

Yes, the process hasn'€™t changed €“ when you receive your next replacement card because your current card is close to expiry your current PIN will remain.

Note that the exception is where the card has been lost or stolen where to protect your account from loss the PIN will always change.

Do I have to use my PIN at all times? Can I still sign for my transactions?

If you have a PIN on your card, and you are prompted to enter a PIN or sign, we recommend that you use the PIN as it is an extra layer of security for your transactions. However, in the instance that you have forgotten your PIN or the merchant’s terminal does not recognise the PIN you can still sign for your transactions. It is important to note that some overseas merchants may insist that you provide your PIN for the transaction to be processed.

What are the benefits of a chip card?

  • Enhanced security features to help protect our card holders from counterfeit fraud and card skimming
  • More capacity to store information
  • Increased convenience – Visa chip cards are recognised by merchants all over the world

Why has BankVic introduced the chip card?

Chip cards have become the global standard for card security. They offer a level of security and provide cardholders with more secure and smarter transactions by helping prevent fraud. Merchants across the world are gradually upgrading their terminals to accept the chip card technology.

Which of your cards include a microchip?

Since 2011 all issued Visa cards issued by BankVic include the chip technology:

  • Visa Silver credit card
  • Visa Gold credit card
  • Visa debit card.

How do I use a chip card in an ATM?

Your chip card will work in the same way as a non-chip card when using an ATM.

When I am making a purchase with a chip card, do I do anything differently?

This depends on whether you are using a merchant terminal with chip card technology or not.

When using a chip card terminal, just follow a few simple steps:

  1. insert your card into the chip terminal
  2. leave your card in the terminal until the transaction has been processed
  3. where required enter your PIN or sign; your merchant may have a limit where they don’t require a signature, nor a PIN
  4. remove your card from the terminal when prompted that transaction is complete and take your receipt. With chip card technology you do not have to sign a receipt, simply enter your PIN if you have one.

When using a merchant terminal that does not have chip card technology, you can use your chip card in exactly the same way you did before the introduction of the chip card. Simply swipe your card in the terminal instead of inserting your card and if prompted either sign or enter your PIN.

Note: Visa has mandated a requirement for all merchants to upgrade their terminals but this takes time.

What do I do when I receive a chip card?

  1. ensure that you sign your chip card immediately you receive it, for security purposes
  2. activate your card by calling 13 63 73 or logging into internet banking
  3. dispose your old card securely, ensure you cut into pieces, particularly through the hologram and chip, and do not dispose of the pieces in a public location.

Will the card number on the new chip card be different than my current card number?

No, it will remain exactly the same. However, as with any new card, the expiry date on the card will change. Therefore it is important that you notify any relevant third parties you have authorised to debit your card such as your gym or newsagent, of your change in details. Note that the exception is where the card has been lost or stolen where to protect your account from loss the card number will always be changed.


When is payment required?

If you have a Silver Card, payment is due on the 1st of the following month. If you have a Gold Card, payment is due on the 10th of the following month.

Can I alter my credit card payment due date?


Can I transfer funds from my other bank accounts to my credit card account?

You can transfer funds from other accounts to your credit card account via online banking or automated telephone banking – available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To register for these services, call Service & Sales on 13 63 73.

Can the additional cardholder make payments towards the card account?

Yes. If you are an additional cardholder you can make payments towards your Visa credit card through:

  • online banking and transfer the payment to the primary cardholder’s account
  • automated telephone banking on 13 63 73 and choose option 1, followed by 1 to “transfer money between selected  accounts”, then 2 “to transfer funds to another member’s account”.

Please note to make payments via automated telephone banking, you will need to pre-arrange a link to the Visa card account in your account structure. To do this simply call Service & Sales on 13 63 73.

How much do I need to pay toward my card account?

Your statements will show the minimum monthly payment, including how much you would need to pay if you wanted to repay the debt within two years. You can always pay more than the minimum. Your monthly payments are calculated at 2.5% of your closing balance, or $20, whichever is greater. You must also pay any past due or over limit amounts incurred. If your statement has a closing balance of less than $20, your minimum payment is the closing balance.

How do I make payments towards my card account?

You can choose from a range of credit card payment methods:

  • regular payment
  • internet or mobile banking
  • branch
  • mail via cheque
  • automated telephone banking
  • direct or salary credit

How do I make a payment to my card account while I’m away?

There are a number of payment options:

  • internet or mobile banking
  • automated telephone banking - call +613 9268 9373
  • regular payment – arrange a regular payment to be debited from a nominated account to pay a your card account.

Why have I been charged a Late Payment Fee?

The required minimum payment wasn't made by the due date. See the Fees and charges brochure for details.

How do I get a copy of my statement?

It's a requirement that we provide you with a monthly statement - either hard copy mailed to your home address, or notification of the availability of an eStatement sent to your email address. If you don't request an email copy, it will be mailed. You can also log in to internet banking and download the statement.

I made a substantial payment on the 15th of the previous month. Why wasn't that treated as my minimum payment?

The statement is prepared at close of business on the 15th - after your payment was made so it didn’t count towards your payment for this month. However your payment reduces the account balance and it’s the basis for calculating the minimum payment.

Why haven't I been told about payment requirements previously?

When you initially obtained your Credit Card, you were provided with Conditions of Use and a letter of welcome. Both advised payment requirements. Also your monthly statement details the amount required - together with the due date.

I make regular fortnightly transfers from my S1 account to my Credit Card. Why aren't all transfers treated as payments?

They're all treated as payments, however only those made between statement date & due date are counted as payment of the required minimum payment. Any additional payments reduce your account balance.

If I believe the fee is unfair or incorrect, what can I do?

Email creditcontrol@bankvic.com.au detailing your concerns, or call Service & Sales on 13 63 73 (8am-7pm, Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm, Saturday). You can be assured of a prompt response.

Can I send payment from another financial institution?

Yes, you can. Remember to allow enough time for the transfer to occur, especially if the due date falls on a weekend or public holiday.

Can I send payment over weekends and public holidays?

Transactions made via internet or mobile banking, PayAnyone or automated telephone banking to another BankVic account will be processed immediately (even on weekends and public holidays). Payments being sent to non-BankVic accounts on the weekend or on a national public holiday, will be processed for you on the next business day. For example, if you submit a payment on Saturday morning, the payment will be processed on Monday and the money should arrive in the recipient’s account by Tuesday. However, it can take up to 3 days for other banks to process the transfer.

BSB: 704 230