Member Matters - January 2018




I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all our members a safe and prosperous new year. We hope you’ve been able to take some time to relax and spend it with your loved ones during the holiday period. 

The start of any new year is an ideal time to think about the goals you’d like to achieve to improve your personal and financial well-being. To help get you started, we’re sharing some useful tips on goal setting to help you make 2018 a successful one. 

At BankVic, we are excited about 2018 and the opportunities this year brings. The year ahead will see us delivering faster smarter payments with Osko coming soon to BankVic. Osko will allow you to make payments using your phone or email address, and the transaction will take seconds rather than days. No more waiting! Look out for more information over the coming weeks. 

We would also like to welcome our new Director, Debra Robertson to the BankVic family. Read on to find out more about Debra.





Debra Robertson is a Superintendent with Victoria Police, with over 34 years of policing experience. She is the recipient of the Australian Police Medal (APM) which is awarded for distinguished service by a member of the Australian Police Force, and brings significant board and strategic planning experience to the BankVic Board of Directors.

Debra is married with three children.

We welcome Debra to the BankVic Board of Directors.





Another year has swiftly vanished into history. How were the past 12 months for you? Did you make the changes you’d planned or did your resolve for something different this year? Regardless, there’s a whole 12 months ready and waiting for you!

If you’re looking to kick some goals and take on some new adventures this year, here are a few steps to help you take a whole new direction.

1) Start SMART – The first step would be to think of your top three or four key goals for the year, that you’d like to achieve, for e.g. self improvement, financial independence or growing your wealth, devoting time to your passions or career advancement.

A good way to plan your goals would be to define them as SMART.

S SPECIFIC - Are your goals specific? Thing of what is the end result you desire, so you have a clear pathway to the direction you’re proceeding in.

M MEASURABLE - Being able to measure your results would allow you to gauge how well you are progressing towards achieving your objectives.

A ATTAINABLE - Ensure your goals are achievable and you’re not setting your self up for failure or getting demotivated a quarter or half of the way into it because it is not sustainable. 

R RELEVANT - Ensure it is relevant to your passion and dedication – make it something you care about! 

T TIME-BASED - A target date and some milestones will help keep things on track.

2) Plan and write down a schedule to take a series of actions that will help make the necessary changes in the areas of your goals. For e.g. if your goal is to improve your health and fitness, planning a schedule of your  workouts and meal plans will make it so much easier to stick to it and be prepared.   

3) Get the support of your family, friends and colleagues by sharing with them what you plan to do. This will reinforce your commitment and enable you to manage the expectations of others and also help you gain valuable support from a mentor or family member to help you get there.     

4) Take pit stops every few weeks to track your progress and the outcomes so far. Take time to look over your goals and schedules and note any changes —even what seem to be small ones. 

In addition, make use of some great goal setting and tracking apps (such as Strides, Way of Life, GoalsOnTrack) to help make it easier to manage your goals and take the next steps.

As an example, if you chose ‘Career enhancement’ a first step might be deciding to read one book every month for ‘x’ months to improve your knowledge on the area in which you want to work. It could be totally unrelated to what you are doing now. This extra knowledge might then be the catalyst for embarking on formal studies to launch you on the career of your dreams. 

Or if you choose ‘financial goals and independence’ to save for that long awaited dream holiday or growing your wealth, a first step might be assessing and making a list of your current monthly savings and spending habits to understand whether you are really making the best use of your money. The next step would be talking to a financial planner to help you assess your current situation and provide advice on the right financial tools and products, to help you plan and meet your future commitments. 

At BankVic our key focus is helping improve our members’ financial well-being. Our experienced and friendly staff are here to help – please call 13 63 73 or visit one of our branches to make an appointment.

So what are you waiting for?

Small actions like this can make a big change in how you feel about your life. If procrastination is your enemy, make a decision to overcome it and do something different RIGHT NOW. One small step could mean huge progress towards improving the most important aspects of your life.




You can help keep your money safe and ensure it is working in the best possible way to improve your financial well-being!

• Try keeping your balance to a minimum in your transactional accounts (S1, S11, and S20). By having surplus funds in an investment/bonus interest account, you not only can achieve higher returns, but if your card is lost/stolen, fraudsters will have very limited money to access.

• Always cover your PIN!  No matter where you are, whether you are at an ATM, retail store or in a taxi.  There may be hidden cameras installed; just because it doesn’t appear or feel as though anyone can see your details, this may not be the case.  

• Never give your card/card number to anyone or disclose your PIN (this applies to your family members as well). If you have disclosed your card/PIN details, it is highly unlikely you will be reimbursed for any fraudulent transactions that may occur.

• Notify us of a lost/stolen card as soon as possible.  While you may hesitate to do this, because you think your card might be at home, in the car or in your other wallet, that’s enough time for fraudsters or even opportunistic thieves to clean your account out.  It literally only takes a few minutes.  If you are found to have delayed reporting your card as lost/stolen, you may also not be reimbursed.

• Check all transaction slips before signing them. 

• Always check the amount on the screen before paying (even with PayWave).

• Keep your card in your possession at all times. You shouldn’t be required to hand over your card when paying as almost every retail or restaurant has mobile eftpos facilities to help you self serve your payments via a card.  PayWave is quite easy for most day-to-day transactions and you only need to enter your PIN for amounts over $100.

• Ensure you do not key in your card details on public computers. Only key in details on computer terminals that are secure (installed with updated antivirus).

• When online shopping, ensure the website is a secure site and the browser you use is secure and updated from time to time. One of the simplest ways is to look at the URL of the website. If it begins with “https” (the s stands for secure) instead of “http” which means the site is secured using a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate. An SSL certificate is a digital document that ensures the content provided is from the correct (verified) sender. Only make purchases from reputable websites or ensure you check reviews of new websites to check if any other people have purchased from that website and what their experience has been.

• Make it a practice to destroy receipts and slips with your card number on it.

• Once your card has expired, or if you have decided to cancel your card, please cut your card diagonally and into many pieces and dispose of securely.





On Friday 1 December, we were proud to participate in the Law Enforcement Torch Run (LETR), helping police officers and athletes to carry the flame of hope.

The annual event aims to raise awareness of the Special Olympics movement and promotes opportunities for the inclusion of people with an intellectual disability through participation in sport. \

We were so proud to sponsor and take part in this worthy cause.


The third annual Walk with Me for ovarian cancer is being held on Sunday 25 February, and is an inspiring walk to participate in. The walk, created by the late Sue Contarino, raises funds and awareness for ovarian cancer and runs from Lilydale to Warburton.

With an initial goal of raising $5,000 for the cause, the event raised an amazing $73,763 in 2017. We encourage you to get involved with your family and friends this year to be a part of a life changing event.

For more information on the walk and how you can get involved; please visit





Whether you’re paying a tradie, splitting a bill or giving money to family for something urgent - the money will be there in seconds. You just use your BankVic mobile banking app or internet banking, 24/7.


- Faster payments across many banks and financial institutions - and more to come.

- Available all day, every day - it is always on.

- You can use a PayID to pay or get paid. A PayID is something easy to remember, like an email address or phone number, that you can securely link to your BankVic account. Then when you want somebody to transfer  funds into your account, you can give them your PayID instead of your BSB and account number.

- Security - it’s backed by BPAY, so you know it’s safe.

- Smarter messaging - you can use more characters of text to describe who’s getting paid and why.


Osko® will become available to BankVic members in early 2018. Stay tuned for further details.


BankVic will be providing more information soon, but in the meantime there are some simple things you can do to prepare for Osko®.

1. Register for online banking

2. Download the BankVic app from the App Store or the Google Play Store

3. Learn more about Osko® at

If you’re not already on eStatements, now may be a good time if you’re thinking of signing up. eStatements let you have access to your account statements online with the convenience of having them stored electronically, so they can be viewed at any time. You’ll just need to be registered for internet banking.

Visit for more information and start saving time, space and trees!






We’re excited about the brand new year and we’d love for our Little Copper Club members to draw or photograph their holiday and send it through to us.

**Remember you must be a member of the Little Copper Club to enter. There are two categories – under 9 years of age and 9 years and over. All entries must be sent to us by 5pm 1 March 2018. To enter, send your entry to BankVic via email at or post to: BankVic, Reply Paid 90210, MELBOURNE, Victoria 8060.

Winners will receive one of four $50.00 deposited into their Little Copper Club accounts. Happy holidays!



Congratulations to our Little Copper Club super savers, who were each awarded in December for their savvy saving habits. Our 2017 super savers were: Luke, Archer, Ava, Beatrice, Amelia, Georgia, Linden, Patrick, Mackenzie, Tess and Declan.





Disclaimer: *Let the adventure begin campaign offer: This special offer is available for applications received between 11 December 2017 and 31 January 2018 and settled by 28 February 2018. Rate is effective 11 December 2017 and subject to change at any time. Minimum loan amount: $10,000. Fees, charges, terms, conditions & approval criteria apply. BankVic reserves the right to vary this offer. WARNING: This comparison rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate. Comparison rate based on a 5 year secured consumer fixed rate loan of $30,000. **Conditions of Entry Little Copper Club competition: Information on how to enter and prizes form part of these conditions of entry. Immediate family of employees and directors of BankVic are not eligible for entry. All entries must be at the head office of BankVic by 5pm on 1 March 2018 and will remain the property of BankVic. BankVic judges decision is final and will be made on 16 March 2018 at 11am AEST at the head office located at Level 3, 215 Spring St, Melbourne Victoria 3000 and no correspondence will be entered into. Winners will be notified by telephone or mail and their names published in the April 2018 edition of Member Matters. Winners will receive one of four $50.00 deposited into their Little Copper Club accounts which are not transferable or exchangeable and cannot be taken as cash. 

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