August 2017


BankVic has been serving the Victorian Community since 1974. For over 40 years we’re proud to still be learning, evolving and improving to better suit our members. We’ve come along way in that time. What began as a Police centric bank has now extended to people working in the health, emergency and public services sectors. With members always at our front of mind, we aim to be a bank that is more than just numbers. So while we have grown considerably and expanded over the years, we haven’t lost our human touch. We exist to improve the financial well-being of our members – which is why we’ve never foreclosed on a member’s home. We also aim to strengthen the communities we serve and have reinvested over $1.9M back into the community since 2010.

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Everyday Finance and You


Travelling, it's the Australian dream. In order for it to remain a dreamy experience we've put together some helpful banking tips to allow you to experience the world with the least amount of stress.

TIP #1


TIP #2

Don’t travel with only one card! It’s easy to lose or have a card stolen and you are left with no way of getting to your hard earned funds. This can literally leave your holiday on hold or end it altogether. If you know you are travelling ring Sales and Servicing on 13 63 73 (at least 6 weeks before your  departure) and organise another transaction account with a card attached. Of course you can’t take both with you whilst you’re exploring otherwise it’s pointless having two as both will be lost or stolen, so ensure you leave one back in your hotel room safe.

TIP #3

If you’re at a restaurant and you have to pay the bill never just put your card in the folder and let the wait staff handle it, as it is then very easy to skim your card or collect all the details for online purchases. It also renders the transaction that has been done using PayWave as accepted. If you tap your card (PayWave) you are agreeing to accept that amount. If the staff over charge you, then tap (PayWave) for you (without your knowledge of the amount) you could end up losing up to $100.00 with no recourse as there are no chargeback rights. 

TIP #4

As per the above tip, when out shopping ALWAYS check the amount you tap (PayWave), as you’re agreeing to that amount by using PayWave and if it is the wrong amount you will not get it back.  

TIP #5

Unfortunately Visa Cards have trouble hotspots for getting money out of ATM’s at the moment, mainly the US, Spain and New Zealand, as many countries are behind with their technology. If you come across an ATM that won’t let you withdraw funds out then our first piece of advice is to try a few different branded ATM’s. Also check if the ATM is branded Visa Plus as our cards will never work with Visa Plus. If you are still unable to get funds out you can go into a bank and do a cash advance (this may incur a small charge however it can be used as a last resort). 

TIP #6

If your card isn’t working it may be because our third party fraud detection team (Orion) have come across a transaction on your account that they deem suspicious and they may
have restricted your card till you contact them, to confirm the transaction. This is to avoid fraudulent transactions taking away your funds. So although it can be inconvenient, it is in your best interest that they do this. You can contact them on the number or email address provided below. They will always email you or sms you with a request to confirm a transaction before they restrict and will only restrict if they truly feel your money is at risk and they have attempted contact with you but were unsuccessful.

To help determine if you are actually speaking with Orion (it isa Queensland phone number and the email address is from a Company called Indue) they will only ever ask you your mobile phone number, email address or name. Orion will NEVER ask you your bank account details or card number and if someone on the phone does and you aren’t speaking with BankVic NEVER give it out, as they are probably a phishing scam.

Orion will simply want to verify if you have done certain transactions using your card and they will give you the information and you just need to confirm or deny the transactions mentioned.  

TIP #7

It is always handy to ring us before your trip and let us know when and where you are going so this information can be passed on to Orion to help them decide if any overseas
transactions may or may not be fraudulent. Providing this information doesn’t guarantee them not restricting your card but will definitely lessen that possibility.

TIP #8

Have all important contact details stored somewhere safe. Please don’t store them in a purse/wallet or something you are carrying around with you because if your purse/wallet is
stolen, gone are the safe numbers. The following are contact details that we think are important to take with you:

(to report lost & stolen Visa cards 24/7 days a week).
+61 2 9959 7686

+61 7 3258 4240 or email

(that can be called from overseas) +61 3 9268 9373

TIP #9

Before you go please update all of your contact details so if we need to reach you we can. Don’t forget email addresses as this is used regularly by our fraud detection team Orion.
Be sure to let us know if you are going to have global roaming on your mobile phone so we can send you an sms if needed.

TIP #10

If all else fails and you have issues or a lost and stolen card with no back up card (as suggested above) you can contact Visa International and ask for an emergency Visa Card or
emergency cash but it will cost you $300 Australian dollars and the emergency Visa Card can’t actually be used in an ATM. It is also not the easiest thing to organise and can
take days for you to receive it, so far better and cheaper to prevent needing this service.


Did you know that the federal government has an online service called "Stay Smart Online" to alert internet users of the current security threats we all face?

This website is supported by an email service reporting the latest threats caused by out-of-date browser software and programs. Plus details of the latest scams doing the rounds and what to do if you are targeted, either online, by phone or via the post.

There are also guidelines on banking safely online and protecting your identity.

You can find this great service at and sign up for the email alerts.  

BankVic in the Community


We were proud to attend the Blue Ribbon Foundation Partners breakfast on July 11, and hear of the fantastic achievements the Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation have accomplished thus far. congratulations to those who received such prestigious awards.


The BreastWest Fashion for Care was an event not to be missed. It was inspiring to witness twelve of Western Health’s breast cancer patient’s showcase the season’s latest fashion on the catwalk, alongside the Western Bulldogs players. All proceeds from the event went towards assisting the women of the west facing breast cancer.


The Wall to Wall Ride for Remembrance is an event that sits closely to our hearts within the BankVic
community. The annual charity event pays homage to, and remembers, the lives of police officers
that have died as a result of their service to the community. The National event is supported by all
police jurisdictions, and every State and Territory is represented. Each state contingent makes the ride from their home state, travelling through Canberra to meet at the National Police Memorial to attend the final ceremony. This year, BankVic’s own Chief Sales Officer, Rosemary Boissezon, and Head of Wealth Management Pierre Ong, are looking forward to once again taking part in such an iconic and important event. For more information on the ride, and how you can join visit 


Our BankVic Walking Tribe were excited to once again pull on our sneakers and tie up our laces for a good cause. Sunday, 30 July saw our staff, family and friends making up our Tribe, to participate in Run Melbourne as part of the Monash Children’s Hospital Team. We were proud to support the initiative, which saw funds raised go towards purchasing vital equipment, funding life-changing research and supporting staff training and development across Monash Health sites and programs.


On a chilly Melbourne night we were delighted to host the launch of our new BankVic health branch at the Royal Children’s Hospital. In attendance were a number of our corporate and sector partners,
friends of BankVic as well as our directors and staff. We were delighted to personally thank everyone
for their ongoing support. A highlight of the night was an appearance from Britney Allen, our 2016
Community Hero runner up. Britney gave such an inspiring speech about what the Royal Children’s
Hospital had meant to her and her family. 

Member Matters - July 2017


You can make your vote count in the upcoming BankVic Directors Election. Voting begins on 9 September 2017. Visit the BankVic website from 9 September for more information on how to vote. If you do not have internet access, you can request a postal ballot to be sent to you. Please contact CorpVote support on 1300 147 797 when voting begins.  

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