New online applications launch to make life easier

We are always looking at ways in which we can improve our member’s experience and in doing so provide more convenient banking.

We are pleased to have recently launched a new enhanced online transaction account application as well as introduced new online applications for home and investment loans,personal loans, car loans and credit cards enabling new and existing members to join, open accounts and apply for loans from a mobile, tablet, PC or laptop.

Here are just some of the features of our new online membership and loan applications:

  • They are mobile responsive enabling users to access and apply from any mobile device as well as a tablet,PC or laptop.
  • Our online loan forms allows new and existing members to apply for home, investment, personal and car loans in single or joint names.
  • Our online membership form allows new members to join and open a number of accounts in a joint or single membership.
  • The forms are easy to use and navigate and enables applicants to save partially completed applications to be retrieved at anytime.
  • Integrated electronic ID verification system for applicants who are non-members and straight through applications.
  • Introduction of the government backed Document Verification Service (DVS) into the electronic ID system further enhancing the application process for new members.
Apply online now:

> Transaction accounts

> Home and investment loans

> Personal/car loans and overdrafts

> Credit cards

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