BankVic App - iOS and Android update

In May 2015, the BankVic App will be updated for Android and iOS devices.

If your mobile device is set to automatically update, you will not have to do anything.

If not, you will need to ensure you update the App in your mobile device’s App Store.

Please ensure you make the update prior to 20 May 2015 so that all features of the BankVic App continue to function.



What happens if I do not not update my App before 20 May?
You will find that the App does not work and that you need to update it.

How do I update my App?
Most mobile phones are set to ‘Auto-Update’ which means that apps are automatically updated periodically. If you do not have the 'Auto-Update’ feature enabled, you will need to go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and update the App from there.

How will I know if my App has been updated?
Visit your App Store and see if BankVic is in your ‘Recently updated’ list. Or if you don’t see BankVic in the list of apps waiting to be updated, then it means your App has been updated successfully.

I am using a Windows phone – do I need to update the App?
The Windows App is already up to date, as such no new update has been issued.

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