Please update to the latest BankVic Mobile app

Monday 7 May 2018 

At BankVic, we're committed to continually enhancing online banking security for our members. That's why we wanted to let you know of an important change that may affect you.

What's going on?

Earlier today we issued an updated version of the BankVic mobile app for both Apple and Google/Android devices that boasts optimised security - and we want all our members to benefit!

What do I need to do?

Simply update to the latest version of the app – it just takes a couple of taps!

Update for Android    Update for Apple   

What if I don’t update?

All old versions of the app will be unsupported from 10am Tuesday 22 May 2018. If you try to use an old version of the app after this time you’ll be unable to connect to banking services.

The good news is you can update your app at any time.

But I just updated the other day!

Sorry, you’ll still need to update to the latest version dated Monday 7 May 2018 in the app store.

Is this a big deal?

Not really. Aside from the benefits of some great recently introduced features such as Touch ID (for Touch ID enabled iOS devices) you won’t notice a difference in how the app operates. These changes are mainly behind the scenes.

So long as you update your app before 10am Tuesday 22 May 2018 you will not notice any difference to banking via the mobile app

Bank securely with the app

Did you know that using the mobile app is the most secure way for BankVic members to bank? And with the added convenience of taking your banking everywhere, there’s even more reason to use the latest version of the BankVic app.

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