Social clubs

If you’re part of an organisation or social club planning to set up a fundraising account for a member in need or a specific cause, you need to follow a few simple steps.

Step 1

If you are a member, complete an Unincorporated depositors (Clubs) form (PDF).

We require the following information:

  • full name of the association or club
  • full address of their principal place of administration
  • full name of the chairman, secretary and treasurer or equivalent officer/s.

Step 2

Complete the Cheque book application form (PDF) if you require a cheque book as part of your social club.

Step 3

For your application to be successfully processed, you must provide a certified copy of the minutes or the extract of rules. Ensure you list the signatories to the account and how many signatories are required to transact.

The minutes should also detail:

  • that the opening of an account with us been authorised by the Board of the club
  • the number of signatories required to sign any single transaction for any withdrawal or transfer of funds
  • the names and signatories of the officeholders and authorised signatories.
If a certified copy of the minutes or the extract of rules is not available, a letter of resolution must be issued.

Step 4

Return the form to Police Financial Services Limited, Reply Paid 90210 Melbourne VIC 8060, GPO Box 2074 Melbourne VIC 3001 or visit one of our branches.

If you are an existing social club account holder and would like to update the signatories to the account, you must download and complete the Update of Signatories/Account Operation on a Social Club account form.

BSB: 704 230